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These Immersive Audio Installs Put You Right in the Moment

From Broadway shows to eSports arenas, there are plenty of ways immersive audio can bring people closer than ever to the sound they enjoy.

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We’ve all heard the expression “being in the moment.” Usually, it’s a reference to making sure you’re focused on what’s going on directly in front of you rather than being distracted by something that happened years ago, is coming up soon or may happen if circumstances work out right.

One way we can be in the moment is through the power of (and many uses for) immersive audio.

More than anything else, finding yourself surrounded by sound can take your cares away better than a bath sprinkled with Calgon. [For those who missed that reference, ask your parents.] 

Music and audio can help to transport you to a place you’ve never been in a way you’ve never thought possible.

In much the same way virtual reality can help people go—virtually, of course—to places they’ve never been or in ways they’ve never imagined by seeing things you’ve never seen or feeling like you’re in a place when you’re sitting on your couch, immersive audio delivers sounds that you probably never thought were possible to deliver experiences that you couldn’t have had without them.

On the heels of Bob Archer’s look at some of the best products to deliver immersive audio and our white paper on how integrators can capitalize on this growing trend in a number of vertical markets, we’ve rounded up some of the coolest examples we could find of immersive audio in action.

Why Immersive Audio Is Taking Over AV

If you haven’t experienced the power of this technology, stop whatever you’re doing and find somewhere near you to check it off your proverbial bucket list. Better yet, click through our slideshow of immersive audio uses first, then figure out where you can go to let the power of the audio transport you almost anywhere.

We hope you’ll enjoy our examples of immersive audio and share the ones you’ve seen with us so we can find out more about those too.