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Bose Professional Ensures Integrated Audio Experience for Telegrafen Oslo

Bose Professional provided a range of its audio solutions for Telegrafen Oslo, the historic telegraphic building.

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Bose Professional Ensures Integrated Audio Experience for Telegrafen Oslo
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Bose Professional has been chosen as the solution provider for a custom audio experience at Telegrafen Oslo. Located in the heart of one of Europe’s fastest-growing cities, Telegrafen offers a mixed-use experience in the iconic Nordic Baroque-Nouveau landmark building. Bose Professional is of course, the Framingham, Mass.-based developer of innovative pro audio solutions for venues and spaces.

Need for Distinct Sound Solution

With more than 25,000 square meters, the historic building provides a place for visitors to enjoy a range of activities from an upscale restaurant to meeting spaces. Its modern amenities, art and furniture combine with the original artwork and architectural elements from 1916. Thus, system integrator Bravo turned to a robust suite of Bose Professional products to form a holistic solution. According to the company, the solution needed to keep pace with all the varied experiences within the space.

Steffen Johansen, technical project manager at Bravo, expands on the project. He says, “We needed a partner who could ensure high-quality sound in big, flexible spaces, larger educational facilities, restaurants, bars.” In other words, they needed a distinct solution suitable for a wide range of applications. These included experiential sound and clear audio conferencing. “We needed a provider that could deliver products that met all of our needs, and Bose was the clear answer,” Johansen adds.

Installing the System

The final solution included 14 distinct products serving different roles throughout the venue for a cohesive, elegant audio experience. The products included Bose DesignMax in-ceiling loudspeakers and Panaray MA12 modular columnar array loudspeakers. The PowerSpace and PowerMatch amplifiers and Bose Videobar VB1 all-in-one USB conferencing device also featured as part of the solution.

The diverse selection of loudspeakers provided a superior sound experience by integrating the different styles throughout the building. Meanwhile, the Bose Videobar VB1 in the meeting room ensures transparent conferencing technology for high productivity and ease of use for guests.

According to Bose, the DesignMax family of loudspeakers enable optimal audio experience for visitors in conference rooms and restaurants. This is coupled with intuitive and simple control via ControlSpace products and sound from the Panaray loudspeakers and PowerSpace amplifiers. Thus, the resulting solution is ready for all possibilities, per a statement.

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Highlights of the Installation

According to Bose, the highlights of the Telegrafen installation include:

  • Delivering purposeful audio: The holistic and versatile audio solution caters to six event rooms, five unique bars, and three game zones without interfering with the visitor experience.
  • Integrated, powerful solutions: Getting the distribution of sound just right is important for a multi-use venue. Furthermore, it ensures that the audio complements and enhances the visitor experience.
  • Intuitive connectivity: The Bose solutions perform with quick and intuitive connectivity integrated throughout the building. As a result, the project team at Telegrafen Oslo never has to worry about calling the tech support team. This also allows the staff to focus on hospitality.

Jørn Akerhaugen of Skagstindgruppen, who owns the retro-styled venue, comments on the breadth of the Bose solution. He states, “…Telegrafen provides an amazing experience for the eyes and ears thanks to Bose innovation and audio quality. In the restaurant is one experience, then as you move throughout the space — from meeting rooms to the other gathering areas — it’s an incredible, immersive experience.”

Johansen concludes, “Everything in here is fantastic. I never worry that I’ll get a call on a busy night that something isn’t working — Bose solutions simply perform, and we really created the ideal solution.”

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