Restoration of Ontario’s Iconic Opinicon Hotel Includes Subtle but Powerful SoundTube Speakers

Delicate restoration of the Opinicon Hotel required SoundTube speakers to address varying audio needs while working within construction constraints.

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Restoration of Ontario’s Iconic Opinicon Hotel Includes Subtle but Powerful SoundTube Speakers

Built in the 1800s as a residence, the Opinicon Resort Lodge was converted to a hotel in 1921.

It’s a challenge that’s almost as old as the Opinicon Hotel, the 19th century structure in Ontario’s Rideau Lakes area that was converted to a hotel in 1921: The customer needed big sound but without making a big impact on the architecture. Enter SoundTube speakers.

The Opinicon Hotel was in the midst of a major restoration.

It had actually been closed and put up for sale in 2015 before it was purchased and a major restoration was launched in 2015.

Ottawa firm Cables Plus was approached by the architectural firm LineBox Studio, spearheading the restoration of the resort, to provide a modern sound system for the main lodge, according to a SoundTube press release.

The goal was to balance the requirements of the multipurpose main lodge structure while maintaining the heritage of the building. Five rooms in the main lodge needed a sound system, each with very different requirements:

  • The Alford room (a banquet room) with vaulted ceiling
  • A games room with vaulted ceiling
  • The main dining room with covered porch
  • The pub
  • A small staff room

Designing a Delicate yet Powerful Audio System

Cables Plus recruited the assistance of Erikson Commercial to assist in the design and supply of the system components. “The first job was to select a high quality yet versatile speaker,” says Richard Fontaine, Erikson Commercial, in the press release.

Opinicon Hotel, SoundTube speakers, restoration

Opinicon Resort Games Room

“First, the speaker had to have a back can of less than 6 inches due to the heritage construction constraints. It also needed to have a paintable grille, be able to be installed in thick ceilings (ceilings of wood lath over gyprock) and provide a wide, full frequency dispersion. We selected the SoundTube CM62-BGM as the main speaker for all 5 rooms.”

SoundTube CM62-BGM is a full-range, ported, 6.5-inch speaker with integrated backcan. The backcan depth of 5.75 inches met the space requirements of the installation, and SoundTube’s SpeedWing quick-clamping system had the variable depth needed for the thick ceilings. Proprietary BroadBeam Ring technology ensures wide dispersion of high frequencies for maximum intelligibility, even off-axis, according to the press release.

More from the SoundTube Opinicon Hotel press release:

In the Alford room and Games room, where ceiling clearance permitted their use, Erikson and Cables Plus complemented the CM62-BGM SoundTube speakers with SoundTube CM1001d-T subwoofers. In other rooms, due to ceiling constraints, Cloud Electronics CS-SUB8W surface-mount subwoofers were used.

Opinicon Hotel, SoundTube speakers, restoration

Opinicon Resort Pub

For audio system control, Erikson and Cables Plus installed a Cloud Electronics DCM1e Ethernet Digital Control Zone Mixer with 8 line level inputs and 8 zone outputs with three CXV425 4x250W line amplifiers. Connecting to the DCM1e are 5 CDR zone controllers, 2 microphone inputs, 1 balanced input and 3 line level inputs. An Arcam rPlay music streamer was added as a source of on-line music content. A Samson wireless Synth 7 handheld microphone was provided for use with larger gatherings where microphone assist is needed.

In addition to this sound system, Erikson and Cables Plus installed a Draper Ultimate Access motorized ceiling recessed projection screen in the Alford room; to enhance site security an IP Video security system was placed throughout the main lodge complex.

Opinicon resort owner Fiona McKean says “We are very pleased with the new sound system and the SoundTube speakers. This system helps immerse our guests in the beauty and charm of the Opinicon.”