Network Everything With Dante AVIO Adapters

Dante AVIO Adapters are the cost effective, compact and reliable solution for any audio pro

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Network Everything With Dante AVIO Adapters

Audinate’s Dante AVIO Adapters enable audio professionals to easily connect legacy analog and digital audio equipment to Dante networks and any Dante-enabled product. The family is comprised of four different adapters and includes line-in and line-out analog adapters, a bi-directional AES3/EBU adapter and a bi-directional stereo USB adapter.

Each adapter acts as a completely independent Dante network device with dedicated inputs and outputs and one or two channels of audio. Because each adapter works completely independently, Audinate’s technology eliminates the need for noisy analog connections with ground issues, ensuring clear and crisp audio for users and listeners. These adapters bring unparalleled convenience by creating simple, easy-to-use connections and signal management through the Dante Controller software.

The AVIO family allows legacy gear users to enjoy the interoperability, performance and scalability that only networking can bring. The adapters transmit high quality, uncompressed audio streams over long distances with this simple connection.

This cost effective, compact and built for the road adapter also enables audio professionals, sound engineers, system integrators and even home recording enthusiasts to extend the value of their non-networked equipment, making it interoperable with any of the more than 1,200 Dante-enabled products on the market. And, being a part of a Dante systems allows for nearly unlimited scalability with low latency and easy configuration.

Overall, each Dante AVIO Adapter makes it easier than ever for audio professionals to integrate the specific gear they know and love into any Dante network and Dante-enabled product.

  • Analog Input Adapters are used for outputs of mixes, mic preamps, stage Dis and more.
  • Analog Output Adapters are used for driving amplifiers, powered speakers or recorders and more.
  • USB Adapters are used for connecting any computer to a Date audio network without additional software and provide class-compliant stereo input and output that can be used in any audio application.
  • AES3 Adapters are used for providing stereo input and output, which preserve investments in AES3-connected DSPs, mixers, compressors, preamps and more

Overall, live events, houses of worship, fixed installations and more will all benefit from the ease and scalability of Dante AVIO adapters.

With a starting MSRP of only $129, the Dante AVIO Adapters are a convenient, cost-effective and easy-to-use solution for any audio professional.