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Recording Academy Addresses Hi-Res Music with New Initiatives

On Oct. 19, The Recording Academy Producers & Engineering Wing will present its High Resolution Record Production and Why it Matters at the AES convention.

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Recording Academy Addresses Hi-Res Music with New Initiatives

The Recording Academy P&E Wing’s 2017-2018 Steering Committee gathered on Sept. 22, 2017. Pictured L-R: Back row: John Poppo, Manny Marroquin, Ivan Barias, Jeff Balding, Matt Hennessy, David Chesky; Front row: Ken "Duro" Ifill, Ann Mincieli, Ed Cherney, Maureen Droney, Emily Lazar; Not pictured: Greg "Stryke" Chin.

With the New York Audio Engineering Society Show (AES) coming up on Oct. 18-21, the Recording Academy Producers & Engineering Wing (P&E Wing) is set to publish a paper called Recommendations for Hi-Resolution Music Production. It coincides with a presentation the group will make on Oct. 19 at AES New York that bears the same name.

The presentation will take place at the Javits Center and it will discuss current guidelines and production considerations when recording, producing, mixing and mastering high-resolution audio content.

Moderated by Michael Romanowski of Berkeley, Calif.-based Coast Mastering, and featuring panelists Chuck Ainlay of Nashville, Tenn.-based METAlliance, Marc Finer of Los Angeles-based Digital Entertainment Group (DEG), Leslie Ann Jones of San Rafael, Calif.-based Skywalker Sound, and Bob Ludwig of Portland, Me.-based Gateway Mastering, AES points out that many GRAMMY winning audio professionals already work with high-resolution audio.

“The number of Hi-Res projects delivered to labels is increasing as we see consumer demand for better audio growing,” notes Maureen Droney, managing director, Recording Academy Producers & Engineering Wing.

“The P&E Wing’s ‘Recommendations for Hi-Resolution Music Production’ addresses two goals: Our need to promote an environment where the best possible audio quality is consistently delivered to consumers, and the drive to assist record labels, online distributors, and aggregators with their master delivery requirements. We have met these goals on both counts with a document that helps pave the way to a consistent production workflow that brings us into the future.”

P&E Wing also notes that its Hi-Res audio presentation and paper will include recommendations and best practices for industry professionals and learning institutions.

Recording Academy Steering Committee

In addition to its emphasis on high-resolution audio in its Recommendations for Hi-Resolution Music Production, the P&E Wing has also announced its 2017-2018 Steering Committee.

The newly named committee brings together a cross section of audio professionals that will work to address key music production issues and ways to help the music production industry move forward.

Droney says the 2017-2018 Steering Committee members will draw upon their collective experiences to prioritize issues that affect music production.

“This extraordinary group of accomplished individuals encompasses the cross-industry experience and diverse perspectives that will set our agenda for the year and prioritize the initiatives that matter most t our members,” she adds.

Here are the 2017-2018 Recording Academy P&E Wing Steering Committee members:

  • Ed Cherney chair
  • Ann Mincieli chair
  • Jeff Balding
  • Ivan Barias
  • David Chesky
  • Greg “Stryke” Chin
  • Matt Hennessy
  • Ken “Duro” Ifill
  • Emily Lazar
  • Manny Marroquin
  • John Poppo, chair of The Recording Academy Board of Trustees
  • Neil Portnow, The Recording Academy president and CEO
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