Barco’s UDX-4K32 Large Venue Projector Won a BEST Award – Here’s Why

Barco won a 2017 CI BEST Award for its UDX-4K32 large venue projector — here’s what separated it from other laser projectors.

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Our yearly conglomeration of the most outstanding products and services impacting the commercial integration industry recently shed light on 40 top products, and the Barco UDX-4K32 Laser Phosphor Projector in the Large Venue Projectors category made the cut for multiple reasons.

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The UDX-4K32 is a high-brightness large venue projector with integrated cooling. Featuring 31,000 lumens light output, this projector ensures accurate colors at all times, offering one of the widest color spectrum in the industry. With its laser phosphor light source, the UDX-4K32 eliminates lamp-related costs and maintenance as well as image flicker. The Constant Light Output (CLO) functionality also provides constant brightness and color over time.

More from Barco on the UDX-4K32 large venue projector:

The UDX-4K32 large venue projector features 4K UHD resolution and 31,000 lumens light output to ensure flawless shows with accurate colors at all times. Thanks to their laser phosphor light source, lamp-related costs and maintenance as well as image flicker, belong to the past. The UDX series delivers a long lifetime and high reliability to ensure minimum downtime. The UDX’s compact and rugged design allows you to reduce shipping and labor costs.

A neutral panel of experts chose the UDX-4K32 Laser Phosphor Projector from others in its category for the following reasons:

Constant Brightness

  • Long lifetime and high reliability maximizes performance, and reduces TCO. The UDX color quality matches the renowned Xenon quality and outperforms the Rec. 709 color space. The Constant Light Output (CLO) functionality also guarantees peace of mind by providing constant brightness and color over time.


  • The unique FLEX² feature allows for tuning and locking of the projector’s brightness and resolution to a specific show.  Its Single Step Processing (SSP) allows for sharper images and less latency.

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