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6 USB Extender Signals Into One Port: What You Need to See at the Hall Research InfoComm 2018 Booth

Video over IP is the theme at the Hall Research InfoComm 2018 booth, with the FHD264 encoders/decoders an a USB extender on display at booth #N1145.

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6 USB Extender Signals Into One Port: What You Need to See at the Hall Research InfoComm 2018 Booth

EX-HDU USB extender

The Hall Research InfoComm 2018 booth (#N1145) will feature an HDMI and USB extender and Video over IP encoders/decoders. Here’s a quick Q&A with VP of sales AJ Shelat on their InfoComm recommendations.

Commercial Integrator: If we learn about only one product innovation in your InfoComm 2018 booth, what should it be?

Shelat: The EX-HDU USB extender is an extremely unique solution as it combines a variety of different products into a simple and easy to integrate kit. It allows a user to connect their HDMI + USB from their PC to a wall plate transmitter and have both signals extended to a receiver up to 200 ft away.

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Where this device becomes extraordinary is that it can integrate up to 6 USB devices between the sender and receiver and combine them into just one USB port to the PC.

The EX-HDU also has a built-in control system and the option to be controlled as well as control 3 rd party equipment through IP control.

CI: Ok….What if we have time to see one more thing?

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FHD264 Video over IP Encoders and Decoders

Shelat: Definitely take a look at the FHD264 Video over IP Encoders and Decoders. Along with its controller (CNT-IP- 264), it can simplify many video distribution systems including virtual matrix applications.

It gives the integrator the ability to scale up the system as needed and with its advanced features like Redundancy, Serial over IP, Scheduling, and Presets it really is like nothing else.

CI: What’s one last impression you’d like us to take away from the Hall Research InfoComm 2018 booth?

Shelat: There are a lot of companies building and importing AV over Ip video distribution products out there. We focus on providing solutions that are reliable, competitively priced, robust feature sets, and excellent customer service.

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