How PlantTours Communications Solved a Communication Issue for Siemens Corporation

PlantTours equipped Siemens with all-in-one headsets, microphones and on-site help for a large manufacturing plant tour.

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How PlantTours Communications Solved a Communication Issue for Siemens Corporation

Siemens is the Munich, Germany-headquartered technology company that focuses on industry, infrastructure, transport and healthcare. The company thus helps bridge the gap between software and hardware while also bringing IT and OT together. One of the Siemens plants was planning to host a Partner Summit Interactive Event, where guests come onsite to see the facility and how their processes worked via a tour. The tour aimed to host roughly 250 participants. The Siemens plant site covered thousands of square feet, spreading across hundreds of acres. Due to this, Siemens was worried that it wouldn’t be able to communicate or hear one another in the large and loud environment when conducting the event.

For this, Siemens reached out to PlantTours Communications, the Charlotte, N.C.-based company. The latter provides one-way and two-way communication systems with help for planning and executing the tour. PlantTours offers both one-way and two-way communication systems which helps people communicate effectively and efficiently. After Siemens placed an inquiry, PlantTours connected with them within minutes to identify the problem and arrive at a solution.

Siemens’ Initial Inquiry with PlantTours 

Per a statement, the communication between companies was smooth and efficient. The main point of contact for Siemens spoke directly to one of PlantTours’ expert tour and training consultants throughout the entire process. After the initial inquiry, PlantTours informed Siemens of several different product options. PlantTours offers both purchase and rental options, allowing for different approaches for different customers. After discussing, Siemens concluded they wanted to rent the kit.

PlantTours offered a demo kit to Siemens, free of charge, after which Siemens jumped on a video call with the provider. On the call, the PlantTours rep directed the client through the various product options, demonstrating how to use the systems. This helped Siemens with their decision and familiarize themselves with the product.

With a group of 245 attendees at the event, the two companies worked together and decided to split the tour up into seven groups of 35, with a tour guide for each group. They wanted a one-way system where attendees could walk and listen to the guide. At the facility, hard hats were required. With that, PlantTours directed Siemens to one of their one-way headset options, the PT-350.

The PlantTours Communication System Decision

This behind-the-head tour guide headphone is designed to be worn with hard hats, and is both comfortable and adjustable. The headset is aimed at moderate noise which made it extremely compatible with what Siemens needed for its event. The product included wipeable earpads. Thus, it was comfortable to wear and allowed for easy cleaning. To go along with their headset, the team also needed a receiver. Here, they relied on the PT-1000 receiver to capture the sound quality from up to 200 feet away.

Siemens ended up ordering a quantity of 245 PT-350s and PT-1000 receivers for its guests. For its guides, the company ordered seven PT-5350 combo all-in-one headsets. This product came with a hand-held microphone. This made it easy for the guide to talk and walk at the same time. To produce the sound waves for the guests, the seven tour guides also needed PT transmitters.

After gathering the information, PlantTours placed the order for Siemens. For events like this, PlantTours sends a few reps on-site to help with the setup and flow of the event. On the rare occasion that a technological issue should happen, they would be there to fix it. Thus, PlantTours sent a total of four reps to Temple, Texas for the event. On the day of the guided tour, the reps set up the systems for the guides and the guests. After making sure the tour guides and other staff members knew how to work the products, they handed out the receivers and headsets to the guests.

Clear Audio Throughout the Facility Tour

According to the company, the event ran extremely smoothly and there were no issues. Should there have been a malfunction, the PlantTours reps would have been there to solve it. Siemens was able to conduct a factory tour with no problem, all thanks to the PlantTours communication systems. The entire 245 guests were able to hear the speaker with crystal-clear audio, and the seven tour guides were able to lead the attendees through the facility without having to yell at any point. 

Overall, PlantTours says it was proud to work alongside Siemens. Siemens was appreciative of the hard work and dedication PlantTours provided to make its event run smoothly. Over the years, Siemens has continued to work with PlantTours for other events, always having smooth collaboration and success.

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