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InfoComm 2019: URC Taking ‘Total Control’ of Commercial Market

URC may be known for its residential solutions but a “huge push” into Commercial with URC Total Control will be on display at InfoComm 2019.

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Nard's Entertainment CTO John Carroll talks about URC.

URC may have made a splash at InfoComm last year with its URC Total Control MRX-15 Advanced Network System Controller and further endeared itself to the commercial integration community with its URC Total Control MRX-30 boasting Powerful quad-core processor.

However, URC is best known for its authoritative presence in the residential integration market.

That might change at InfoComm 2019 and there are some commercial integration companies that hope it does.

Washington, D.C. area based Nard’s Entertainment is already seeing URC Total Control have a significant impact on its commercial business, says CTO John Carroll.

The integration firms, which serves a lot of real estate development clients, relies heavily on URC Total Control MRX-15 and MRX-30.

“These processors are, by industry standards, not really at high price points, but they pack a lot of punch,” Carroll says in a Commercial Integrator video interview.

“We are running smart buildings that take up entire city blocks with these.”

So Carroll is anticipating what URC has in store for InfoComm 2019 to enhance the Total Control line. “I’m just going to be excited to hear about the new features coming out.”

Nard’s Embraces URC for Commercial Applications

In the real estate development vertical, customers (and their customers) need to be able to walk right up to a control interface and start using it, Carroll says.

“So we have to make our interface very simple, easy to use so anybody in an amenities club room or a fitness center can know how to use the system. URC has afforded us the opportunity to do that.”

It’s not just automation or processors. Carroll has seen URC focus on becoming more of a “one-stop-shop” for its integration customers. “I know this year they’re coming out with a speaker line,” he says.

“You can now get processors, speakers, networking, IoT, video distribution. They’ve become a great hub.”

The focus on the commercial integration market is expected to be on display at InfoComm 2019. “They’ve been making this huge push into commercial and I know that there’s products coming down the line,” Carroll says.