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Key Features for Your AV-over-IP Solution

Userful’s Daniel Griffin lays out several keys to a successful AV-over-IP solution platform.

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Userful's Daniel Griffin offers 6 keys to successful AV-over-IP solutions.

One clear takeaway of Commercial Integrator’s recent Deep Dive on AV-over-IP is that integration firms and consultants and their customers are embracing AV-over-IP content distribution more so than in the past.

A Commercial Integrator survey shows that respondents have clear confidence that AV-over-IP is the right signal distribution approach for their customers.

This is a significant shift from just a few years ago when typical AV integration firms wanted to keep their customers’ IT networks at arm’s length. In 2019, only 20% of those surveyed say they aren’t ready to fully embrace AV-over-IP while another quarter is moving cautiously toward the network.

Of course, as AV integrators and consultants move toward providing their customers with AV-over-IP solutions, it’s important that they make good decisions when choosing a platform. That was the basis of a conversation between Daniel Griffin, VP of marketing at Userful Corporation, and Commercial Integrator. “It’s been on our mind as we’re talking to our global and enterprise customers around the world,” he says.

Griffin goes on to describe 6 “core values essential” to an AV-over-IP solution:
  • Security: It probably goes without saying that network security is top of mind for most customers and should be a high priority for integrators working on their clients’ networks, Griffin points out.
  • Scalable: When designing a system, integrators should focus on building a solution that will “scale out to all elements of the organization,” he says.
  • Global: This is different than being “scalable,” Griffin says, and means that the solution should be supported in all different environments that might be required around the globe.
  • Centrally Managed: An AV-over-IP solution should offer levels of central control, Griffin says.
  • Easy-to-Use: Sort of a no-brainer, but Griffin emphasizes that ease-of-use is “very clearly a requirement for any solution.”
  • Standards-Based: Griffin digs into this one in the video interview with CI but suffice to staying away from too much proprietary technology.

Watch Griffin’s entire video interview with Commercial Integrator above.

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