Level 3 Audiovisual Beats Arizona Sunshine with ASU Video Walls

Unique brightness-sensing programming for a NanoLumens LED video wall at ASU highlights a sprawling campus AV integration from Level 3 Audiovisual.

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Level 3 Audiovisual Beats Arizona Sunshine with ASU Video Walls

Level 3 Audiovisual had a pair of powerful forces working against it as it looked to be Arizona State University’s (ASU) integration firm on a $2.4 million, 220,000-square-foot project that included AV technology in almost every room of its Beus Center for Law.

One obstacle was the power of money. It was a public bid project, and when the final decision came down to three integration firms, it was clear that Level 3’s pricing was by far the highest.

The other powerful force was the sun. The project called for eye-popping video walls, but the Arizona summer sun created challenges when creating a display bright enough to be visible from outside.

Mesa, Ariz.-based Level 3, however, earned a 2017 CI Integration Award by plowing through those powerful forces one by one.

It’s never easy going into an interview in which you know your bid is dramatically higher than that of your competition. The team, however, managed to win over ASU decision-makers. Later, Level 3 learned that it won the project based on a demonstrated understanding of the scope and ability to respond to the questions asked with direct answers.

It helped that the Beus Center for Law was not the first project Level 3 worked on with ASU. The team established a comfort level with some of the tech decision-makers.

The sun’s impact on the perceived brightness of a video wall, meanwhile, posed a more technical challenge. Level 3 Audiovisual overcame it by programming an LED video wall to change its brightness based on how much sun the sensor picks up. The team maintains that it’s the first time that specific programming has been done, at least to its knowledge.

Inside the Level 3 Solution

Well, a $2.4 million 220,000-square-foot project with AV technology in most rooms of the building includes more integration than can be described in this space. Luckily, Level 3’s ASU Beus Center for Law has great highlights in its three video walls.

One is a corner-wrapped 11.5-x-33-foot NanoLumens LED video wall —the one that leverages a light sensor —that can play videos, images, and web tickers. It increases its brightness throughout the day so pedestrians passing by on the streets can see it.

The second video wall is an interactive 2×6 design that uses multiaction interactivity and RP Visual Swing mounts for easy maintenance. ASU uses this display to highlight upcoming events, interactive wayfinding information, general information, and to let students pull up class schedules in the building.

Then there’s a custom 360-degree video wall using 20 blended projectors in the executive conference room, employed for face-to-face meetings and content sharing for video conferences. It’s unique in that it has three recessed ceiling-mounted cameras with voice location automation, so the cameras focus in on who is speaking while videoconferencing.

More video is found in the great hall, which features a 36-foot-wide motorized projection screen that drops down into the 150-seat presentation space. The campus uses this area for appellate court sessions and live TV broadcasts.

Level 3 Audiovisual also delivered digital signage throughout the facility; integrated AV technology into a mock courtroom; and outfitted the entire campus’ boardrooms, meeting spaces, huddle areas, divisible multipurpose rooms, lecture halls and classrooms.

From Challenge to Impact

Beyond the pricing disadvantage and the all-powerful sun, Level 3 also dealt with a daunting project schedule. The request for proposal came out about six months later than it should have by Level 3’s estimation, so the integrator had to pull things together quickly.

Meanwhile, the construction was running about two months behind schedule, which severely impacted the installation progress. Of course, the actual due date didn’t change to accommodate this.

Level 3 managed to make it happen. In the end, the customer was very happy with the project, its timeline, and its overall budget, according to the firm. The ASU staff members seem to be impressed with the technology and are embracing their new executive boardroom.

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Level 3 Audiovisual’s Equipment Highlights at ASU

NanoLumens LED video wall

AMX automation and room scheduling

Biamp DSP

Mersive collaboration

Shure microphones

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