SAVI Controls’ SAVI 3 Aims to Transform Commercial AV Projects

SAVI Controls has officially released SAVI 3, the company’s next generation AV control and automation solution designed to transfrom commercial AV.

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SAVI Controls’ SAVI 3 Aims to Transform Commercial AV Projects

The SAVI Creator, part of the SAVI 3 products

SAVI Controls has officially released SAVI 3, the company’s next generation AV control and automation solution designed to streamline the installation, programming and expense of commercial projects while bringing freedom, flexibility and ease of use.

According to SAVI Controls, SAVI 3 systems take just hours to design and program instead of weeks. The simple programming software and intuitive user interface don’t’ require end-user training, which makes installation and deployment faster and more efficient.

The lineup of new products in the SAVI 3 release include the SAVI Creator, SAVI Canvas, SAVI Audio, as well as new hardware like the SAVI Stream.One, SAVI DSP.One, SAVI Amp.One, SAVI DMA.One, SAVI Server Pro, SAVI Thermostat and the SAVI Connect.One.

SAVI Creator

According to the company, SAVI 3 provides integrators with an entirely new way of programming commercial AV systems via the SAVI Creator. In a press release, the company said the SAVI Creator is the most simple and flexible programming software in commercial AV. Technicians of all levels will be able to use the program so integrators can leverage more of their team.

The program features a smart add function that allows integrators to easily name hundreds of devices, set IP addresses and add multiple displays, as well as create macros that modify any number of devices from one page.

Streamlined driver integration and room creation features allow programmers to group drivers and view driver properties to help keep projects organized and make it easy to reference specific components.

Advanced search and filtering abilities gives technicians a lifeline when working with a large project with many devices, connections and drivers.

In a statement, SAVI CTO Derek Wilson called the creator “revolutionary.”

“We worked tirelessly to identify and eliminate all of the historical pain points of creating and installing a project and poured all of that knowledge into making the commercial AV project experience enjoyable, starting with programming in Creator,” Wilson said.

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SAVI Audio and SAVI Canvas

Also included in the SAVI  3 family of products is SAVI Audio, a new suite of audio features that aim to streamline audio distribution setup. The software makes it easy to access any audio source from any connected SAVI Audio Amp or DSP over the network. It allows integrators to connect an entire audio system with network-based amplifiers to build large, distributed audio networks. It interoperates with Dante and Audio Video Bridging.

For the video side of things, SAVI 3 includes SAVI Canvas, a network-based video and content distribution software with new dealer and customer-facing features that allow integrators and end-users to access, deliver and manage content in large projects of up to thousands of displays with a single network cable to each. It provides control, source switching, layout selection, monitoring and management.

SAVI 3 Hardware

SAVI also introduced a new line of hardware with SAVI 3, and like the rest of the new innovations, are designed to streamline installation, eliminate failures and reduce the amount of cabling and devices needed.

  • SAVI Stream.One is the video distribution core of the SAVI Canvas system. It enables video and audio distribution, over one cable. It integrates content distribution over the network, making any video source available and enabling simple system expansion to deliver content throughout both large and small venues.
  • SAVI DSP.One is a digital signal processor featuring an intuitive user interface that works on virtually any tablet or PC device, with no software to download. It’s designed to connect with any amp, eliminating the need to upgrade existing amps.
  • SAVI Amp.One is a 720-watt amp that can be stocked for multiple functions such as: 70v, 100v, 8-ohm and 4-ohm. It delivers a high channel count in 1RU with 12 bridgeable channels, that can be used in mixed mode, giving integrators the ability to configure the Amp.One for whatever the project requires.
  • The SAVI DMA.One (DSP Matrix Amplifier) establishes a new product category in commercial AV, combining all the features of the DSP.One and the Amp.One, plus higher powered amplification for extensive mixing and matrixing options along with SAVI Audio. The 1RU DMA.One packs 1800w of I.C.E. power and eliminates clutter and the expense of separate audio equipment.
  • SAVI has again upgraded its custom-engineered SAVI Server Pro, a commercial audio video control and automation processor that orchestrates the AV automation throughout the entire system and controls thousands of devices including lighting, displays, audio zones and more.
  • SAVI also offers the SAVI Thermostat for reliable heating and cooling control for commercial environments.
  • SAVI also offers its Connect.One for I/O device control.


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