SDVoE Alliance Adds IVC and Liberty AV as Adopting Members

SDVoE Alliance, industry group focused on delivering uncompressed, zero-latency video adds two more members to the fold, making it 25 members.

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SDVoE Alliance Adds IVC and Liberty AV as Adopting Members

Liberty AV Solutions and IVC Technologies Ltd. became the two newest members of the SDVoE Alliance, with both companies joining the group as adopting member.

That brings the Software Defined Video over Ethernet Alliance to 25 members… and counting.

Leaders from both IVC and Liberty AV say they will work toward the organization’s goals of standardizing the adoption of Ethernet to transport AV signals in professional AV environments, and creating an ecosystem around SDVoE technology that allows software to define AV applications.

“Pro AV is in the midst of an inevitable shift away from point-to-point connectivity to AV-over-IP solutions, and with this membership we are aligning ourselves with the leading platform for networked AV,” said Kevin Peterman, director of product management/development at Liberty AV Solutions, in a press release announcing its alliance membership.

“We look forward to working with the other members of the alliance and systems integrators who can take advantage of our complete range of bulk wire and cable, premade cables, bulk and pre-made fiber, connectors, adaptors, plates/panels, tools and electronics in their SDVoE system deployments.”

“IVC has long championed the concept of AV-over-IP networks, so it is with great excitement that we join the SDVoE Alliance to further user benefits and experience,” said Chris King, business development manager at IVC.

“Our vision, flexibility, expertise and position within the alliance puts us firmly at the leading edge of IP-based AV solutions and builds on our trusted advisory relationships that we hold with our clients. We will be working to share this vision with our partners and clients to deliver truly unified communications solutions for the future.”

SDVoE Alliance president Justin Kennington is excited to have two new members in the fold.

“Infrastructure is vitally important in the convergence of AV and IT,” he said in an alliance press release. “Strong partners like Liberty AV ensure that we can meet the needs of our collective customers for high-performance, reliable and cost-effective AV-over-IP network installations in all the markets we serve – from education, healthcare, enterprise and entertainment to government, military industrial and control room applications.”

“We welcome IVC as the first system integration firm to join the alliance. The alliance depends on integrators who understand how to use SDVoE technology to deliver great user experiences,” said Kennington in the announcement.

SDVoE Alliance Members

Liberty and IVC makes 25 SDVoE members, a group that is broken into founding members, contributors and adopters. Here’s a look at SDVoE roster as it stands at press time:

Founding Members

  • AptoVision
  • Aquantia
  • Christie
  • Netgear
  • Sony
  • ZeeVee


  • DVI Gear
  • Grandbeing
  • IDK
  • Panduit


  • Arista
  • Aurora
  • Belden
  • Broadata
  • Clearline SSF
  • Cwin Technology
  • Danacoid
  • iMag Systems
  • IVC Technologies Ltd.
  • Liberty AV Solutions
  • Mediacomm
  • TechLogix Networx
  • VuWall