Don’t Underestimate This Standard Productions CEO Just Because He’s Young

Twenty-four-year-old Brandon Warren, the CEO of New Orleans-based Standard Productions, expects big things of himself and his pro AV company.

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Brandon Warren is a decade into his work in the AV industry and he’s not yet 25 years old.

Warren, 24, is the CEO of New Orleans-based Standard Productions, which he started in September 2016, kicking off the next stage of a career that began when he was 15.

At that age, he did some spotlight work and stage managing at the City Church of New Orleans, where he worked closely with the technical director.

He’s managed his own crews since age 20 and decided to launch his own company to deliver the solutions he wanted to customers in and around Louisiana—with big plans to grow to the business across the country and around the world.

If that’s not enough to keep him busy, Warren is due to welcome his first child, Isabella, with long-time girlfriend Victoria Salas on Jan. 10, so it’s safe to say he’s got a lot to balance.

After meeting Warren at the 2017 AVIXA AV Executive Conference in Key Biscayne, Fla., though, there’s little doubt he’s not only ready but willing to embrace the challenges he’ll face and prepared to conquer them without any problem.

Warren was a special guest at AVEC 2017 of AVIXA executive director and CEO David Labuskes, who he met at an InfoComm show.

Warren says attending industry events and learning from those with more experience than him is one way to learn about the path he can follow; but he’s been largely self-taught in developing his technical skills.

He’s attended InfoComm shows, where he’s made connections across the industry that helped him start his own business, and recently joined the AVIXA Young AV Professionals Council.

Let’s go Back Stage to learn more about Brandon Warren.

Standard Productions

Brandon Warren, CEO of Standard Productions, was a special guest of David Labuskes at the recent 2017 AVIXA AV Executive Conference.

Commercial Integrator: Where did you get that enthusiasm about the AV industry and how were you able to start your own AV company so young in life?

Brandon Warren: I’ve always been passionate about the AV industry. [Starting Standard Productions] wasn’t about starting a company and making millions and millions of dollars. To me, it’s about leading by example by taking it seriously and building the business.

It was all about experience and exposure, about me going out to get it. When you’re on solid land and you step into the water, you go somewhere you’ve never been.

AV is what made me want to learn math and focus on some other subjects in school, so I don’t know why there’s not more talk about it in high school, middle school and even elementary school. Being around it all as much as I have been is really what kept me in the industry.

CI: What’s the biggest challenge of having friends and peers working for you at Standard Productions?

BW: We can be friends outside of work, but it’s about doing what’s best for the company.

I try to nip things in the bud before they become big problems. I’ve had some incidents where I’ve had to talk to my friends and tell them if they weren’t going to work the way I needed them to work, I’d find someone who isn’t my friend and have them do the job I needed to be done.

CI: Have you run into any issues in making connections with others in the industry?

BW: There are a lot of people who’ve been willing to give me a lot of help, and that’s been a great resource for me. I’ve made some good connections with manufacturers and rental companies. I’ve made a name for myself in New Orleans, but I plan to venture out beyond that and go national if I can.