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Hiring AV Employees: If You’re Not Taking Advantage of These Programs, You’re Losing Out

From NSCA Ignite to AVIXA new mentor initiative, there’s a lot more thought about the future of hiring…

News March 25
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We’re Still A Bunch of Old Dudes: AV Industry Demographics in 2019

We've seen this same trend in AV industry demographics for years now. Will we ever strike a balance…

Video January 7
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The Reason Why Huddle Rooms Are Everywhere and Continuing to Evolve

It’s millennial work habits that have driven adoption of huddle rooms and huddle spaces to over 50 million,…

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Just Add Power is a key vendor partner for American Sound & Electronics, an AVoIP specialist.

Integrator Synergies with Just Add Power Allow AVoIP Excellence

American Sound and Electronics’ strong relationship with Just Add Power enables it to deliver flexible, configurable AVoIP solutions…

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AV Hiring Still Got You Down? Here Are More Ways to Welcome Hard-Working Youth into Pro AV

AV hiring an issue? NSCA Ignite, AVIXA grant initiative, Maverick Technical Institute, EnventU & more are attracting young…

Insights September 26
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SVT Channel Account Manager Proves Generational Stereotypes Wrong

Kelsey Falk has written a guide to Millennials in the workplace, & though she’s never felt it at…

News August 24
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The Problem Isn’t with Millennials, It’s with Old People in the Workplace

A lot of energy is spent complaining about challenges related to managing Millennial employees, but let's talk about…

Insights May 7
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These Numbers Prove The AV Integration Industry is in Dire Need of More Young People in 2018 and Beyond

The AV integration industry is comprised of mostly middle-aged and older males. What message does that send to…

Insights December 28

Don’t Underestimate This Standard Productions CEO Just Because He’s Young

Twenty-four-year-old Brandon Warren, the CEO of New Orleans-based Standard Productions, expects big things of himself and his pro…

News December 18
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Where Are They Now? ESPA-Certified Technician Finds His Career in AV

The first in a series highlighting young people who earned the ESPA Certified EST credential and pursued an…

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I’ve Covered the AV Industry for Only 3 Weeks – Here are My Impressions

New web editor Adam Forziati's initial observations on the AV industry as a whole after spending week three…

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