The Strong MDI InfoComm Product You Have to See at Their Booth

Strong MDI InfoComm 2018 plans include a demonstration of the Poliview tensioned screen for small/medium venues & Strongview motorized series for larger.

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The Strong MDI InfoComm 2018 booth (#C3828) promises integrators a detailed look at the company’s series of motorized screens, including the Poliview tensioned screen. Here’s a quick Q&A with VP Francois Barrette on their InfoComm recommendations.

Commercial Integrator: If we learn about only one product innovation in your InfoComm 2018 booth, what should it be?

Strong/MDI: Our new Poliview tensioned screen for small to medium-sized venues. The Poliview tensioned motorized screen includes a reliable and fully integrated operating system making it an excellent match for heavy-use environments, like conference rooms, training sites, classrooms and worship spaces.

The auto-tension knob and durable tabs ensure that the screen is consistently free of wrinkles, even after years of regular use.

The tensioning system means there is no need to use lower grade reinforced vinyl material to keep the screen flat, and as a result, higher cinema-grade screen surfaces can be used.

You can choose from many of our front and rear projection screen materials as the primary surface, which allows the unit to work well in a variety of environments, including those with a substantial amount of ambient light.

CI: Ok….What if we have time to see one more thing?

Strong/MDI: Our new Strongview Vista. The Strongview motorized series is built for larger auditoriums and lecture halls. We recently added the Vista to the line, a reliable system scalable up to an impressive 55’ in image width, a unique size offering on the market today.

The screen comes equipped with many premium features such as quiet operating system, custom welded black borders and our exclusive front or rear projection surfaces.

CI: What’s one last impression you’d like us to take away from your InfoComm 2018 booth?

Strong/MDI: Our custom capabilities. Strong/MDI is the go-to company when it comes to custom screens for large commercial applications. We have the facility and the know-how to manufacture high-quality screens for nearly any application.

We want visitors who come by the Strong MDI InfoComm booth to know that our projection screens are the most affordable and flexible solution for quality visual displays of any shape or size.