Barco Introduces TruePix at ISE 2022

According to Barco, TruePix is a gamechanger designed completely from the ground to perfect all aspects of the LED experience.

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Watch Barco's TruePix platform come to life.

Belgium-based Barco, prominent in professional visualization technology, launched TruePix, a new LED videowall platform that ensures an outstanding and long-lasting viewing experience, powered by innovative smart engineering. According to the company, it is designed completely from the ground up to create a purpose-built videowall for a variety of enterprise applications. It perfects all aspects of the LED experience right from installation, throughout its long lifetime, to after sales support and maintenance. TruePix thus ensures a seamless experience in various applications. These include control rooms, television studios, lobbies, boardrooms, auditoriums and other corporate applications.

Barco’s TruePix is now available to view at booth 3D400 in Hall 3 at ISE 2022 from May 10-13 in Barcelona.

Key Product Highlights

  • Truly seamless display
  • Smart engineering for an easy, perfectly aligned installation
  • Unmatched viewing experience thanks to the next gen Infinipix processor
  • Purpose-built robustness and ergonomics for 24/7 smooth and efficient operations
  • Superb color accuracy, under all lighting conditions
  • Reduced ecological footprint
  • 10 years of dedicated service and support

With TruePix, Barco combines the latest technological evolutions, a vast amount of expertise, and innovative, smart engineering. The result is a unique mounting technology, impressive image quality and ensuing longevity. These high-resolution 16:9 tiles are available in multiple options, with pixel pitches ranging from 0.9 to 1.9 mm.

Reliable and Clarity

TruePix is the first product to incorporate Barco’s Infinipix Gen2 image processing system. It ensures optimal viewing experience for all types of content. No visual distortions, low latency, perfect sync and no tearing are the hallmarks of this system, says Barco. Infinipix Gen2 also guarantees dimming without any loss in color accuracy. Thus, it drastically expands the effectiveness of the installation. What’s more, Barco’s proprietary smart calibration method for wide color gamut support and full color balancing control creates rich and true-to-life images. TruePix also shows that visual excellence does not equal high energy consumption. Its EcoPower mode ensures reduced energy consumption which then limits the ecological footprint.

SteadyView, a unique Barco feature, improves viewing ergonomics and reduces eye fatigue. This is especially important in control room environments where the staff intensely use the wall for multiple hours on end. Thus, TruePix is a purpose-built LED wall for critical and high-intensity applications like control rooms and command centers.

Smart Engineering, Seamless Outcomes

Barco highlights possible imperfections in flatness of the walls and level of the floors which often cause mechanical stress in the tiles’ frames. This then leads to seams, damage or difficulties during maintenance. However, TruePix’ auto-balancing system counters these imperfections and makes sure the LED wall is 100% level and frictionless.

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Furthermore, the installation time is also cut because the tiles all slide perfectly into place without the need for manual adjustments. The guided module insertion ensures a fully contactless and risk-free installation, with no risk of tile damage.

Full Service Support

For Barco, ensuring longevity, reliability and perfect display uniformity is of major importance. The company says it takes every measure to deliver the promised experiences to customers. Availability of batch compatible modules throughout the life of the wall is therefore a key part of Barco’s service offerings. If a module needs to be replaced, Barco guarantees that batch-compatible spare tiles (along with full service support) are available for up to 10 years. This brings peace of mind and a reduced cost of ownership over the full lifetime of the product.

The Video wall Management Suite, Barco’s cloud-based platform for advanced video wall management, allows users to monitor, diagnose and/or control the TruePix installation remotely. This maximizes uptime and reduces the need and length of service interventions. TruePix is also the first LED product on the market to leverage 5Gb bandwidth, per a statement. This makes the system up to five times more efficient with fewer cable runs and points of failure — as more LED modules can be connected in a single link. Additionally, 4-way inter-tile communication and signal loop redundancy are embedded to further guarantee an uninterrupted data flow. Thus, TruePix is a reliable LED solution in the market, says Barco.

Result of 25 Years of Innovation

“We are proud to introduce the impressive TruePix platform, which will spearhead our LED portfolio,” says Bruno Devos, R&D director at Barco. “It was our goal to create a platform that not only guarantees great visual experiences, but also perfectly answers the needs of our customers in several key markets. TruePix is therefore the result of Barco’s 25 years of experience in innovating LED visualization. Again, we have raised the bar to deliver bright outcomes to our customers.”

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