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Projection Suffers While Collaboration Grows in Commercial Display Market, Study Says

According to a study from Futuresource, there are a number of factors that are adversely affecting the commercial display market.

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A newly announced study from the U.K.-based research company Futuresource finds the nearly $24 billion global commercial display market has entered into an era of uncertainty.

The study, entitled, “The Commercial Displays: A Strategic Market Overview Report,” takes a look at three video market segments—front projection, LCD and LED, and it finds among other things that LED-based solutions benefit from the increased competition in the commercial display category through an emphasis on technology development.

Utilizing 15 years of market experience in the tracking of professional, commercial displays, the British consulting and research company says it was able to analyze the market and factors that include average selling price, regional market opportunities and the forecasting of core display technologies.

Futuresource says the projection category is under attack in the corporate and education markets from LCD, and the collaboration and connectivity categories evolving.

The rapidly growing collaboration and connectivity categories are driving the adoption of embedded wireless technologies and the development of peripheral devices that offer wireless connectivity.

Projection Suffers from Collaboration Growth in Commercial Display Market

Some of Futuresource’s other findings include the impact of major corporations such as Microsoft, Google and Cisco.

Futuresource says these large technology companies are affecting the way commercial displays are perceived and utilized in spaces such as meeting rooms and how users share content streams from multiple devices.

In addition, consumer product TVs are affecting the bottom end or entry level portion of the commercial display market, says Futuresource.

Elaborating on the influence of consumer televisions, Futuresource adds that entry-level digital signage and general business-to-business (B2B) installations of TVs into these spaces is estimated to grow at 22 percent CAGR from 2017 to 2021.

Futuresource asserts that independent “mom and pop” style stores, and other small businesses and establishments such as schools, restaurants and medical centers are installing TVs into their locations.

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