‘Completely Seamless’ Interactive Leyard LED MultiTouch Among the Highlights at Planar’s InfoComm 2017 Booth

Leyard LED MultiTouch interactive video wall plus AR broadcast solution Leyard Reality Studio and a 0.7 mm ultra-fine pitch LED video add up to a busy InfoComm 2017 for Leyard and Planar.

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‘Completely Seamless’ Interactive Leyard LED MultiTouch Among the Highlights at Planar’s InfoComm 2017 Booth

Leyard LED MultiTouch features Pliable LED Touch Surface.

Where do you want to start? There’s the Leyard LED MultiTouch, billed as the industry’s first completely seamless interactive LED video wall. It’s hard to resist the augmented reality Leyard Reality Studio which is much cooler than  green screen and has big applications for integration customers. And you can’t ignore Leyard and Planar’s 0.7mm LED video.

There’s a lot more in Leyard and Planar’s InfoComm 2017 exhibit, obviously, but Planar VP of product marketing Steve Seminario helped me prioritize.

Leyard LED MultiTouch

Leyard LED MultiTouch was announced at NAB 2017, but it’s being shown for the first time at InfoComm 2017. The “industry first” part of it is the “seamless” being combined with “interactive LED video wall.”

The Pliable LED Touch Surface is a film. “It’s as simple as peeling it off,” Seminario says.

There’s a back story, Seminario says. Planar had been doing touch enabled displays for a couple of decades and he points out that its touch-enabled video walls have been popular products. Figuring out how to touch-enable this interactive LED video wall, which is available in 0.9mm and 1.2mm pixel pitches, involved a lot of troubleshooting.

Leyard ended up using a proprietary multi-touch solution to create the interactivity for its narrow pixel pitch LED video walls. The smooth and durable LED touch surface and performance are enabled by the patent-pending Leyard PLTS (Pliable LED Touch Surface) technology.

That is the “secret sauce,” Seminario says. “The Pliable LED Touch Surface has a lot of really great characteristics. For instance, it’s perfectly seamless, extremely lightweight, excellent visual performance; it doesn’t diminish brightness; there’s no color shift; it doesn’t change color over time after being exposed to heat; [the pliable film] can actually enhance the visual performance in certain ways.”


Yes, the Pliable LED Touch Surface of the Leyard LED MultiTouch is a film. “It’s as simple as peeling it off,” Seminario says. “The process of the installation is you build the wall, put the touch frame on and apply this [Pliable LED Touch Surface] after you build your wall.”

Leyard Reality Studio

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are big at InfoComm 2017, but Leyard is certainly making a business case for it by exhibiting Leyard Reality Studio. Created by a Leyard brand originally as a broadcast solution (think a 1,000 times cooler than a green screen) to create immersive environments.

Leyard also sees great applications in simulation, education and architecture.

When combined with Leyard LED video wall displays and flooring and OptiTrack motion capture cameras, Leyard says its Reality Studio software manipulates 3D models to render realistic perspectives.

In the booth, Leyard is basically showing a set design and letting attendees interact with it. There are actually a couple of scenarios Leyard is offering for its Reality Studio.

“You have LED walls that are either two or three sides and a floor of LEDs as well,” Seminario says. “These walls are at right angles creating an enclosed space. Then you’d have a camera.  Along the top of the LED walls you use our OptiTrack which are cameras used for optical tracking and they’re mostly used in virtual reality and augmented reality.

“The cameras in real time are tracking the exact position and orientation of the camera. You can also track the talent. That allows you to is have the virtual set displayed on these LED walls and the LED floor. The talent or actor is standing in there and because of the tracking you always know the exact location and perspective on everything.”

LED: Tip of the Iceberg

Calling it “groundbreaking, “Leyard and Planar is also showing its 0.7 mm ultra-fine pitch LED video wall at InfoComm 2017.  Leyard and Planar are showing off their portfolio of LED displays at InfoComm 2017.

Leyard 0.7mm LED Video Wall Display

Leyard 0.7mm LED Video Wall Display

Listed in a press release:

  • An 8K x 2K resolution control room video wall composed of ultra-fine pitch 0.9 mm Leyard® TWA Series flat panel LED video wall displays that deliver the pixel density and form-factor similar to LCD and rear projection, but with a truly seamless image.
  • The Leyard® DirectLight® LED Video Wall System, a family of ultra-fine pitch LED video wall displays that allow for ultra-slim, front service installations, delivering industry-leading resolution and providing reliability features not before seen in the LED industry.
  • The Leyard® CarbonLight CLI Series, a line of lightweight and versatile LED video wall displays that are ideal for indoor rental and staging and flexible-fixed applications. With a thin, lightweight, high-strength carbon fiber casing, these displays are suitable for hanging or free-standing installations.
  • The Leyard® CarbonLight CLF Series, an LED flooring system constructed with a lightweight, carbon fiber frame, creating a high-strength structure built to withstand loads up to 500 kilograms per display. This highly durable LED flooring system is layered with a high-strength, wear-proof mask to increase the lifespan of the displays.

One aspect of Leyard’s InfoComm 2017 has less to do with displaying products and more to do with displaying expertise. Seminario, for his part, is particularly excited about Leyard Creative LED Solutions and Services.

The idea is that and integrator can work with Leyard and Planar from initial design concept all the way through fabrication and installation. It’s the concept of taking the customer’s wishes and figuring out a way to turn them into reality.