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Critical Questions to Ask Your LED Manufacturer — Part Two

When it comes to safety, be sure your LED display manufacturer isn’t cutting corners.

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Critical Questions to Ask Your LED Manufacturer — Part Two

Choosing an LED manufacturer is about more than searching for the latest and greatest technology. There are a number of other important factors at play. In Part One, we covered everything you should be asking about service and content. In Part Two, we’re talking all things safety.

There are several systems in place uphold safety standards for LED displays. Certifications like UL, CE, and CSA, as well as enforcement authorities, installation code developers, federal agencies, and professional licensing requirements all exist to maintain the highest level of safety.

But even with this oversight, you might be surprised to hear some manufacturers neglect safety to make prices more attractive. The experts at Prismview have compiled a list of questions to ensure your LED partner isn’t cutting corners.

Safety Considerations

It’s crucial you do your research to ensure your manufacturer isn’t skimping on safety in favor of price.

  • Is the manufacturer UL certified?
  • Do they comply with FCC regulations?
  • Are their products often associated with electrical, structural, or connection problems?
  • Does your manufacturer stick around to help with more than just the sale?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, you may be dealing with cost-cutting measures that can saddle you with heavy fines and put general safety at risk.

These are just a few of the questions you should be asking a potential LED partner. For a more in-depth look at safety, service and content, click the link below to sign up for the full Prismview video series.


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