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Digital Projection Shines at Lighthouse World Outreach Center

Digital Projection provided projectors to elevate the church experience at the Lighthouse World Outreach Center in Georgia.

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Digital Projection Shines at Lighthouse World Outreach Center
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For many small and rural towns, it’s often the local church that serves not only as a place of spiritual enrichment, but also provides fellowship and a sense of community to the residents. This is particularly the case in Monroe, Ga. where Lighthouse World Outreach Center has served the community for nearly 30 years. But with a growing congregation and dim, outdated displays, the church desperately needed to update its technology to better convey its lively messages of hope and praise. For this, the Lighthouse World Outreach Center turned to the projector solutions of Digital Projection.

A Unique Worship Space

The lighthouse has a unique, angled front sanctuary and seating for 1,000. The central chapel of Lighthouse WOC looks more like a theatrical auditorium than a traditional church. This house of worship has always been focused on serving the community first.

Pastor Raymond Hardy explains, “We’re fortunate to have a very unique congregation with people from all walks of life. This area has seen a lot of cultural and racial divisiveness, so Lighthouse began as a means to reconcile that separation. We sought out to build a community first more so than simply build a church.”

Working with other churches in the area, Lighthouse’s outreach grew to accumulate a strong congregation that includes those from many different ages and backgrounds.

The church thus gained a growing community of followers and ministries. However, this left the church with one major problem — the aging audio and video systems. The church wished to provide an engaging and inspiring experience.

For this, it needed a technology upgrade. The church then approached the team of AV specialists at Atlanta-based Strata.

Fundamental Reconfigurations, Dramatic Impact

During the initial site visit, Strata identified the potential that could be achieved with a revamped lighting and video solution. Co-owner David Roche then describes the project. He remarks, “When we first saw the space, we realized the church could have a much more dramatic impact with a reconfiguration of the projections screens powered by much brighter projectors.”

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Integrating two Draper 14 feet by 8 feet projection screens, the team increased the size of the side displays. They then moved them closer to the center of the sanctuary’s upstage wall. When selecting the projectors themselves, Kennesaw, Ga.-based Digital Projection emerged as front-runner for the Lighthouse. Roche continues, “DP was the perfect fit for the church’s budget and space and offered great lighting and visual capabilities. They’ve also always offered top quality service whenever any questions or issues arise — and being local to Georgia — it was a no-brainer.”

An Engaging Worship Experience

When the team finished the video upgrade, the difference was apparent to the worship team and their guests. The new environmental LED backlighting further enhances the new displays. Thus, they appear instantly welcoming and engaging. As the congregation arrives, two E-Vision 9000 WU projectors showcase church announcements. These announcements feature vibrant colors and inspirational messages.

Once service starts, however, the space transforms with the high-spirited energy of Pastor Raymond Hardy and the worship team choir. The captivating visuals on the flanking screens elevate the experience.

Pastor Hardy goes on to describes the experience. He adds, “I like to preach illustrated sermons. [S]o we use a lot of inspirational graphics, video, and maps, along with our song lyrics and mission and community updates. Projection has become a big part of our services and the DP units have allowed us to give people a truly engaging worship experience.”

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