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Radiance LED Wall is a Centerpiece of the Westport Library

Not just a place to check out books, this part library, part community space chose an 18-foot-wide, 10-foot-tall Radiance LED wall from Digital Projection.

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Radiance LED Wall is a Centerpiece of the Westport Library

The Westport Library in Westport, CT completed a 2 year, 20.8 million dollar renovation that includes content creation and display technology — in the form of a Radiance LED wall — that just isn’t often found in libraries.

Not just a place to check out books, the part library, part community space has dedicated maker spaces, production studios, and content creation stations open to the public.

In their community space named The Forum, the library also hosts celebrity speakers, music concerts, and community events, all set before a large, 247’ diagonal fine-pitch Radiance LED Video Wall from Digital Projection.

A total of 81 panels make up the 2.5 pixel-pitch display which has enhanced the library’s community programs, events, and promotions, according to the company.

The need it serves

Having recently completed a massive renovation, the Westport Library is an active community space where visitors can not only check out books but also interact with award-winning authors, host podcasts, create YouTube videos, and even attend concerts.

At the center of it all is a massive Radiance LED Video Wall from Digital Projection that welcomes visitors to an educational and entertaining environment unlike anywhere else.

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Rachel Pegnataro, director of marketing and communications for the library, describes this transition: “We wanted a space that would continue to grow, evolve, and change with the needs of the community.

“We wanted people to feel comfortable using the space to learn, study, and connect with each other however they saw fit. We also wanted to create a futureproofed space, supported by technology and equipment that could adapt to how we study and interact with one another now, and for the years to come.”

Don Gamsjager, founder & CEO of DNR Laboratories had this to say about the scale of the project: “To create a public library space where guests could not only have meetings and give presentations, but also produce content and put on shows is no easy task, so we started redesigning the environment literally from the ground up.”

The envisioned space called for a large-scale central display that would instantly grab visitors’ attention and remain bright and resolute, even in the natural light of the contemporary architecture.

For DNR, that meant creating a display that not only offered high-quality visuals, but also support a myriad of events and scenarios.

“From the beginning, we knew we had to integrate something really special, so we engaged Digital Projection, whom we knew had a fantastic design and engineering team, to come up with the correct solution.

“Working with DP for over 9 months through the design phase, we arrived at the right display, at the right size, at the right resolution. With top-level elegance, Digital Projection then executed the project – working with us as an integrator, on time, and on budget.”

At 18 feet wide and 10 feet tall, the impact of the Radiance LED Wall is felt as soon as you enter.

Gamsjager describes the space, “The LED Wall is the centerpiece of the library. When you walk in, you won’t see a traditional library setup with a counter and books – there is a counter, and the largest HD+, fine-pitch LED Video Wall in the state!”

Powered by (81) 2.5mm pixel-pitch panels, the 247’’ diagonal LED Wall generates powerful visuals to accommodate all the library’s events.

“People love it!” explains Rachel Pegnataro.

“There was even one instance in which we were showing Tennis matches from the Wimbledon tournament when suddenly spontaneous applause erupted from the guests. People were really connecting – strangers getting together and just sharing an experience in a really unexpected way”.

For Westport Library, the Radiance LED wall has elevated their outreach by giving them more options to engage with their guests.

“The LED Wall is a great way to market upcoming library programs. We recently played holiday movies during the holiday book fair to set the mood, which was spectacular. Overall, the LED Wall has been an incredible tool to have at our disposal – and it’s a lot of fun as well.”