Simplify Your Display and Video Wall Installations

Are you looking for ways to simplify your display and video wall installations? Do you need to reduce your costs and future-proof your video walls?

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Simplify Your Display and Video Wall Installations

Intel has been standardizing the system architecture for displays to help reduce design and development costs for over a decade with their OPS and SDM – Smart Display Module platforms. Apantac has partnered with Intel® and has built a series of SDM interfaces based on the Intel® Smart Display Module (SDM) platform. These modules plug directly into a designated slot on SDM-compatible displays, eliminating the need for external adapter boxes, power supplies and mounting hardware.

Apantac SDM interfaces (cards) accept various input formats: 12G SDI, SDVoE, NDI, HDMI 2.0 over HDBaseT and converts them into an HDMI 2.0 signal usable by a monitor equipped with an Intel SDM slot. Simply slot the Apantac interfaces into an SDM-capable display for maximum flexibility in your video wall or display application.

Because they draw power from the display and deliver their signals directly via an internal PCI-E connector, these modules eliminate the need for external power or external mounting enclosures.

This presents several advantages over external converters including:

  1. Compact & integrated into the display so saves space & power
  2. Reduces components & cabling
  3. Provides format flexibility today
  4. Ensures future-proof format support
  5. Improves reliability with low points of failure & easy troubleshooting

So, if you’re looking for a clutter-free display or video wall set-up that removes potential points of failure that may occur with additional modules that are connected to the display infrastructure, as well as maximum flexibility, then the Apantac SDM Interfaces for SDM-enabled displays are for you.

Plus, the design is forward looking, so you can easily swap out one module that supports one format to another or even swap out the display and keep the same module.

Apantac’s Smart Display Module Interfaces include:

  • NDI Quad-split Multiviewer
  • NDI Receiver
  • 12G Quad-split Multiviewer
  • 12G SDI Receiver
  • UHD HDBaseT Receiver
  • AV over IP SDVoE Receiver on 10G Ethernet
  • AV over IP SDVoE Receiver over single mode and multimode fiber

SDM modules are transforming the market for broadcast and AV display and video wall installations by eliminating the need to deploy different monitors and standalone extension and connection solutions for each application with the use of Apantac’s. SDM Receivers for 12G UHD, HDBaseT, AV over IP and NDI.

You can also download our booklet: “5 Ways to Simplify Your Display and Video Wall Installations.

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