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TechTrending: NovaStar H Series Displays

The rapid development of LED display technology coupled with the continued improvement in detail has led to more indoor applications.

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Over the last few years, fine-pitch LED display technology has experienced rapid development. This, coupled with the continued improvement in detail of these displays, has led to more and more indoor applications choosing LED display solutions. Currently, most fixed fine-pitch LED applications on the market consist of a solution using a screen management system combined with a sending card. The comprehensiveness and integration of such solutions is less than ideal, and stability can suffer as a result. There can also be issues with maintenance and troubleshooting. All of this can lead to problems with the successful implementation and maintenance of a project.

Our company has over ten years of experience in the control systems sector. This includes years of development of and experience with all-inone products which combine screen management systems and sending cards into a single unit, eliminating these issues with integration. These all-inone solutions greatly simplify fixed fine-pitch applications, and it is for just this reason that the H Series screen management system were created.

Exhibition hall of hydrogen energy technology demonstration center featuring NovaStar H Series for the LED display.

Our product design is based on client feedback, and we keep this feedback in mind throughout the development process. The H series is a realization of the combined wisdom and experience of both NovaStar and our customers. From the time of the traditional controller up to the invention of the two-in-one, we have always asked ourselves, how can we make the whole system architecture more simple? Owing to the current popularity of fine-pitch, applications using screen management systems and controllers are becoming more and more common. Finally, after undergoing extensive development and polishing to perfection, the H series was launched in June 2020.

NovaStar’s New H Series Screen Management System:

  • Modular design, configurable to your needs
  • Large loading capacity with billions of pixel processing functions, exceeding even true 4K
  • Super image processing ability with free layers
  • Web interface, with no limitation to client applications, flexible control
  • Input cropping. Create multiple crops of the same signal

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent, I think they will be using many H series. Clark was very impressive with the power of H series. – George Ray, Product Solutionist, Evolve Media Group
  • Also we received the Nova shipment from China. We are very very impressed with the H Series; we will be doing a lot of business. – Christopher Pelzar, CEO, ATS-PRO