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Businesses are Using Lots of Video Streaming These Days — And It’s Working

What can AV integration firms gain from video streaming in this tough economic time? At the very least, they can keep their customers’ attention.

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Businesses are Using Lots of Video Streaming These Days — And It’s Working

I understand that my use of social media may not qualify as “typical.” I don’t use it to post many of my own personal updates — rather, I see it as a way to keep track of my interests and the companies that best serve them. So you would have thought that I’d already be game to watch video streams from these companies on Instagram Live, etc., right?

Well, that wouldn’t have been true… Until COVID-19 took over all of our lives in ways we didn’t realize were possible.

Now, instead of just visiting my favorite businesses that I follow on Instagram the moment they update their feed with, say, a tantalizing doughnut, a creative vegetarian dish, or a new beer that’s makes me drool harder than Homer Simpson, I… simply can’t. Sure, I’ll go out and purchase items from most of these businesses through curbside pickup. But it’s not the same as going into a shop, interacting with the employees, enjoying their atmosphere, etc.

So lately, I’ve found myself extra-willing to play along if one of these businesses suddenly breaks into an Instagram Live or a Facebook Live stream. It’s not something I really paid much attention to before, but it’s interesting to see the content some of them can come up with to keep their customers’ eyes on them.

Video streaming saves the day (& maybe some businesses)

Breweries are doing interviews with their brewers. Doughnut shops are streaming the glazing process. Restaurants are coming up with all kinds of creative ways to show off their food in the hopes that you’ll support them with a to-go order. And I’m keeping an eye out for that content — because I miss them and because I’m a little easily distracted these days.

Does this technique translate to the Pro AV world? Do your customers miss interacting with you in the same way I miss “interacting” with a pint of my favorite local brew at their bar?

Maybe, maybe not. Definitely not in the same way. But ask yourself: if you were to do a live stream tackling, say, video conferencing etiquette tips, would any of your customers pay attention?

The answer may be more promising than you think.

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