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Contemporary Research at InfoComm 2019: IPTV Can Be Easy

During InfoComm 2019, Contemporary Research is focused on its IPTV solutions that it says are integrator- and user-friendly.

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Nelson Solares, sales executive for Contemporary Research, talks InfoComm 2019.

Ask Nelson Solares, sales executive for Contemporary Research why he’s excited about InfoComm 2019 and you get a very clear response: He’s excited to talk to integrators about Contemporary Research IPTV.

There may be a perception out there that IPTV can get a little complicated on the integration side and Contemporary Research wants to use InfoComm 2019 to quash that line of thinking.

“We want them to walk away knowing that we are that integrator-, user-friendly, dependable 100% made in the USA IPTV product,” Solares says.

“We have amazing technical support and our quality control is very high. We have [IIPTV] product that you can connect almost as easily as our RF side. The whole design process behind our IPTV products was to make it almost as easy as pointing toward the TV, hitting channel scan and all your channels populate on your TV.

“Well, it’s almost that easy. Literally, the setup process [doesn’t involve] programming, it’s more a configuring. So it’s almost plug-and-play.”

Check out Contemporary Research at InfoComm 2019 booth No. 3115.

More about Contemporary Research IPTV Video Distribution (via site)

Interested in delivering video over a data network? Contemporary Research offers an Audio Visual over Internet Protocol (AV over IP) solution that delivers high quality video over ethernet. Contemporary Research’s QIP IPTV Encoders and QIP-D IPTV Decoder/Controller provide a complete solution with great image quality that is cost effective, easy to install, and scalable.

More about Contemporary Research IPTV Encoders (via site):

QIP IPTV Encoders feature dual-channel encoders that create MPEG2 or H.264 IPTV streams from two separate video sources. They offer low latency, accept video resolutions from 480i to 1080p and common PC graphics resolutions, and support closed captioning. The output can be changed to resolutions between 480i and 1080p using the built-in scalers. QIP IPTV Encoders also accept audio from embedded SDI or HDMI, SPDIF, or analog stereo and can encode AC3, MPEG1 Layer 2, or AAC.

More about Contemporary Research IPTV Decoder/Controller (via site)

The QIP-D IPTV Decoder/Controller is an integration friendly IPTV decoder with incorporated display control. The decoder is compatible with unicast or multicast UDP and RTP IPTV streams, and will accept MPEG2 or H.264 single program or multiple program transport streams. A channel list of programs is uploaded from a PC running CR Toolbox software. Channel selection, volume, and power may be controlled from the front panel controls, handheld IR remote, or external control system.

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