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Voice Control and AV over IP: 3 Questions with Vanco

Mark Corbin of Vanco joins us for another CI 3 Questions to talk about voice control’s applicability to AV over IP solutions.

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Mark Corbin of Vanco joins us for another round of CI 3 Questions: this time, talking up voice control’s applicability to AV over IP.

CI: How does AV over IP benefit integrators?

Mark Corbin: It obviously has multifunctions that any kind of matrix switcher never had. Integration of scheduling, programming, etc. for video walls, scrolling messages, and much more. It provides flexibility to create endless solutions with endless sources and receivers. It gives you room to improve the job, scale it, and improve flexibility.

CI: In your opinion, what’s next for AVoIP?

MB: We’re going to see better resolutions — currently, we’re only seeing a few manufacturers have great success with true 4K solutions. In the next two years or so, we’ll probably see a realistic 8K solution develop. The question then is how much will a network switch need to handle?

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I also see enlarging video wall solutions and expanding the amount of walls you can realistically have per job.

CI: Voice control is something Vanco is specifically excited about with AV over IP. How does it fit in?

MB: Even in commercial spaces with multiple screens doing signage, it’s great that customers can control those with voice. We’re utilizing Google Home, Alexa, and voice commands in general to these solutions. It’s continuing to grow, but being a cloud-based system, it allows us to access those opportunities.

To learn more about AV over IP and voice control, visit Vanco’s website and watch the video above.