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What Is Sharp Showing at InfoComm 2019?

Sharp Electronics’ Bob Madaio sheds light on what will be on display and discussed in its booth at InfoComm 2019.

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Bob Madaio, VP of B2B marketing for Sharp, talks InfoComm 2019.

When it comes to a manufacturer with diverse solutions such as Sharp, it’s difficult to encapsulate its offerings in an exhibit at trade show such as InfoComm 2019.

However, Bob Madaio, VP of B2B marketing for Sharp, does his best in an interview with Commercial Integrator. The products on display and the conversations conducted in its booth No. 3600 are likely to be built around one question, he says. “How do we help our customers accelerate better insights?”

The focus at InfoComm 2019, Madaio says, will be to help integrators support their customers’ objectives across several verticals. Maybe it’s the challenge of creating better communication to employees. Maybe it’s a health care application. Maybe it’s challenges in the education market.

“How do we help with that?” That’s sums up the conversations Madaio expects Sharp to have with integrators at InfoComm 2019.

What Will Sharp’s InfoComm 2019 Booth Look Like?

“We’re actually structuring out booth more like a physical office,” Madaio says. The focus is on office technology and the challenges around communicating, collaborating and connecting. “That’s a big theme for us. We’re going to show them what it actually looks like?”

Windows collaboration display from Sharp

Windows collaboration display from Sharp

What Will Be Shown in Sharp’s InfoComm 2019 Booth?

The new Windows collaboration display from Sharp, a solution it partnered with Microsoft to create, will be on display at its InfoComm 2019 booth.

 The solution aims to help customers create more efficient meetings and, in its booth, Sharp will demonstrate how the product can booth intuitive collaboration. It can also sense and report on the room’s temperature, lighting and air quality.

Beyond its collaboration with Microsoft and the Windows collaboration display from Sharp, Madaio adds that Sharp will also be discussing 8K, 4K and more.

“All of our technology is going to be set up for [conversations about improving customers’ business],” he says. “Those are the conversations we’re going to be having with end users and our partners that are going to bring the solutions to market. That’s what we’re here to help them with.”