NSCA Announces 2023 Excellence in Business Awards

Published: 2023-02-24

NSCA, the Cedar Rapids, Iowa-based not-for-profit association representing the commercial integration industry, announced the winners of the 2023 Excellence in Business Awards in six categories.

“Year after year, we’re continually amazed by the innovative ways our members develop new relationships, create new business, and keep up with a changing industry. This year is no exception. These companies set the bar high for integrators that are working to improve their businesses,” NSCA’s executive director, Tom LeBlanc, says.

List of Winners

NSCA’s 2023 Excellence in Business Awards honor six integrators in their successful efforts to adapt to the constantly changing industry while improving business. The winners are as follows:

Branch AV

Winner in the Business Performance category, the company has taken a more unified approach to how it conducts business. To create a seamless interaction between software platforms and create business efficiencies, Branch AV developed software-integration solutions. It also created a cloud-based dashboard that allows each department to view objectives and real-time progress.


Winner in the Customer Experience category, the company redefined its client-experience team to better serve clientele. This helps position the company for growth in the healthcare market and beyond. To further improve the customer experience, PIVIUM also expanded its ProAV division. With this, it’s prepared to tackle projects and service requests outside its legacy business. The PIVIUM Partner Portal, also implemented in 2022, improves communication with service partners. This helps ensure timely, successful delivery of client requests.

Basepoint Building Automations

Winner in the Differentiating Strategies category, the company recently renamed and rebranded its organization. It thus underwent a remarkable transformation in terms of people, process, mindset and action. The company incorporated EOS (the Entrepreneurial Operating System) as the foundation of change. This helped define core values, accountability and structure to build from. These changes have also improved the company’s efforts to continuously improve, recruit top talent, retain and grow customer relationships. It has also helped achieve marked growth.

Vitel Communications

Winner in the Employee Engagement category, the company successfully implemented processes and procedures that mirror its core values. It thus effectively created a corporate culture of employee empowerment. Through the creation of internal teams, employees are empowered to build, develop, and manage their teams independently. This then allows for hyper-focused team building, increased comradery and overall team growth.


Winner in the Strategic Transformation category, Pavion wanted to rise to a new level of breadth and depth when it came to services. Customer demand was increasing for diversified yet tightly integrated offerings across and within business units. This aligned with Pavion’s transformation from a Mid-Atlantic systems integrator to a global systems integration powerhouse operating across 22 countries and 40-plus U.S. locations. Pavion thus helped deliver differentiated solutions, services and business outcomes. At the same time, it enhanced the customer experience; and generated meteoric revenue growth and geo expansion. It also launched new HRIS, CRM and financial reporting tools, and harmonized benefits and compensation plans.

Radiant Technology Group

Winner in the Talent Development category, the company has created a new hiring mindset to support innovation and continued success. A client request to drive uptime for digital signage in a mission-critical environment spurred the creation of a Development & Innovation team. This team combines developers and creative resources. Instead of designing and building each system to meet clients’ requirements, and making technical staff available after reporting of problems; the team wanted to be proactive. They sought to build not only systems, but also enterprise ecosystems. As a result, Radiant Technology began hiring team members with IT backgrounds who could also support AV applications. This has enabled the company to adapt to changing client expectations. It can also now quickly pivot to expand services when needs arise.

NSCA will honor these six Excellence in Business award winners at NSCA’s sold-out 25th annual Business & Leadership Conference (BLC). The event will take place on Feb. 28 through March 2 in Irving, Texas. During a panel discussion, the winners will also be joined on stage by BLC platinum media sponsor Commercial Integrator’s reigning Integrator of the Year, Vistacom.

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