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Don’t Miss: Business Analytics in the Modern Office

For those that couldn’t attend our recent webinar on business analytics in the modern office, it’s not to late to benefit from this informative webinar.

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Business analytics stretch far beyond the traditional sales and marketing realms within modern day companies. As we look at 3 key pillars of the work environment framework, analytics are playing a key role in digital transformation.

The applications of use cases and capabilities for analytics is truly astounding.

Different systems are utilizing analytics in order to provide better business intelligence to decision makers, so that organizations are more informed when making changes or updating strategies.

This gathering of data is occurring everywhere. Access control, people counting, within digital signage systems, and more. Data is gathered on when, where, how, and with what equipment employees are working.

Customer reaction to different advertisement, how long they spend in stores and in which areas of stores – data and analytics can be applied anywhere.

Take the meeting room for example. We take for granted that our meeting spaces are being properly utilized, but products on the market today can tell us for sure.

Information can be gathered on which displays are being used and how often, when meetings are being held and how long they last, whether those meetings are scheduled or impromptu, and how many people utilize the space on average.

This information can then be used to better plan for future implementation. Perhaps it makes sense to split the room in two and double your meeting space for the same number of participants.

Maybe one type of display or microphone is more utilized than another, so you want to purchase the one employees enjoy using for future projects. Maybe the room is too hot, too cold, or using too much electricity – analytics will help you find out.

Check out our recent archived webinar to learn far more about the capabilities of analytics from Saundra Merollo of Sharp!

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