Business Analytics

Smart Cushions

Smart Cushions Take Data Collection to Controversial Extremes in China

Touted as health monitors, smart cushions were instead used to track how long employees were away from their desks or not working.

new NHL Puck with analytics

NHL Puck Goes High-Tech for 2021 Season in the Name of Analytics

New National Hockey League puck will feature embedded battery, circuit board and six tubes that emit infrared light at 60 pulses per second.

analytics data

What Use is Big Data? Analytics Data is the Answer

Too much analytics data is of little value. Here’s how to make sense of it all to add further value to your clients’ projects.

magic wall

Data Has Been a Compelling Element in Presidential Election Drama – Thanks to ‘Magic Wall’ & Other Tech

TV news anchors are using all kinds of calculations, formulas and projections to make the race to the White House into must-see TV.

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For those that couldn’t attend our recent webinar on business analytics in the modern office, it’s not to late to benefit from this informative webinar.

Oura Ring

Oura Smart Ring Faces Ultimate Test Inside NBA Bubble City at Walt Disney World

Oura ring can supposedly predict coronavirus symptoms up to three days in advance, but what happens to the data that collected from those who wear them?

COVID-19 Conference Room

The Benefits of Meeting Room Analytics and Intelligence: Free Webinar

The way that meeting rooms are being utilized is changing by the year. Furthermore, different companies utilize different spaces in different ways. Analytics leading to business intelligence in meeting rooms offer serious benefits to integrators and their clients.

One Minute on the Internet

Diving Deeper into One Minute on the Internet—and What It Means to You

Even if you’re not doing any of these things, the message from “One Minute on the Internet” is there’s lots of info out there & you have to figure out how to use it.

big data uses, big data challenges,

The Value of Big Data to the Pro AV Industry

It is imperative for integrators to know & apply big data uses to work in conjunction with systems and fulfill evolving client needs.

facial detection vs. facial detection, facial detection technology

Facial Recognition vs. Facial Detection: What Integrators Need to Know

What’s the difference between facial recognition and facial detection technology? It may just be great enough to earn you more clients.