InfoComm 2019: IVCi Explains How Mersive Solstice Supports Its Evolution

Published: 2019-06-26

IVCi isn’t a traditional integrator – a point that we’ve hammered home in Commercial Integrator. The Hauppauge, N.Y.-based company is several steps ahead of most “traditional integrators” when it comes to transitioning to managed services. Meanwhile, it can be said that Mersive Solstice isn’t a traditional collaboration solution.

That latter is a point that IVCi’s Dan Abrams hammered home during InfoComm 2019.

CI caught up with Abrams, VP of business development, in Mersive’s InfoComm 2019 booth and talked to him about why the Mersive Solstice platform is significant for IVCi.

On IVCi’s transition to IT services:

[related]“As IVCi has grown over the years we’ve made a transition from being a hardware reseller and integrator into a hardware seller, integrator and IT services type of organization.

Watch the full interview above.

“We spend a lot of time working on our clients’ network — whether it’s connecting unified collaboration and communication devices, whether it’s monitoring the hardware that they have, or making sure that their systems are running at peak performance — we spend a lot of our time focused on the network side of collaboration in today’s enterprise environment.”

InfoComm 2019, wireless presentation

Mersive Solstice

On the Mersive Solstice platform:

“We’re a big fan of the Mersive Solstice product and platform. I think that a lot of times people tend to look at Solstice as a wireless collaboration device and not as much of a platform that resides on the network. What Mersive offers us is the ability not just to be able to have wireless collaboration inside of a meeting room but to actually use those devices to provide monitoring, to understand what our clients are doing, to make sure their systems are running, to make sure that our end-users have an optimal experience.

Watch the full interview above.

“The fact that it is a network-connected device allows us to do far more with it than what you would with a traditional box.”

Mersive Solstice 3.5 Miracast Mirroring

Mersive Solstice 3.5 Miracast Mirroring

On Mersive Solstice as a network solution:

“The addition of the Pod into the Mersive Solstice family of products was fantastic for us. Again, it takes us beyond just a simple device that people tend to think about it pigeonholed into a small space. The Pod allows us to do is additional hardware connectivity within the rooms. It really rounds it out and makes it a more complete solution. It allows us to utilize the Solstice platform and Mersive products across the enterprise with devices communicating to each other, providing active monitoring and reporting behind the scenes, grouping functions and a wide variety of features that you just don’t see from the rest of the competition.”

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