NEC Display at InfoComm 2019: ALP Pro, InfinityBoard and So Much More

Published: 2019-06-28

There’s never a shortage of solutions to look at when NEC Display Solutions of America sets up shop at a trade show – and such was the case at InfoComm 2019. The manufacturer, which boasted one of the largest exhibits at the event in Orlando, Fla., showcased digital signage, projection, display, collaboration solutions and more.

Keith Yanke, senior director of product marketing, took time to walk Commercial Integrator though NEC’s key offerings at InfoComm 2019.

One focal point at the NEC Display booth was ALP Pro. “That’s our anonymous business intelligence tool that’s gathering a lot of information and providing increased revenue and increased traffic to retail, transportation and other applications and vertical markets,” said Yanke in a CI video.

[related]Collaboration was another big focus for NEC during InfoComm 2019. Yanke pointed out that NEC provides both cost-conscious customers, for instance in the K-12 market, and customers in need or more robust collaboration with solutions. The recently announced NEC InfinityBoard is an example of a robust solution for demanding corporate customers, Yanke said. It’s an all-in-one solution for meeting rooms and a powerful, scalable resource for team-focused meeting rooms, which NEC says can stand alone or integrate with unified communications and collaboration (UCC) platforms.

One of the cooler displays in NEC’s InfoComm 2019 booth was a remarkable projection application that it worked on with branding and labeling experts Avery Dennison to create for the Orlando Magic. NEC incorporates a single 10,000-lumen projector in a rear screen application on what could be retail storefront glass or any glass surface to project onto it and turn it on or off to show an image or not show an image.

In the application shown at NEC’s InfoComm 2019 booth, the projection showed Orlando Magic branding but rotated on and off to show the merchandise behind it. “It gives a lot of flexibility” to any glass surface for branding and communication purposes, said Yanke.

Get a closer look at the Orlando Magic application and much more in NEC’s InfoComm 2019 video.

NEC ALP App resized

NEC had several installations of ALP Pro in its InfoComm 2019 booth.

Learn More about NEC ALP Pro:

Integrators and customers in the retail space are already starting to understand the power of having real-time business intelligence at their fingertips thanks to NEC’s Analytics Learning Platform [ALP].

With the release of ALP Pro this summer, NEC is aiming to bring that unique ability to integrators and customers in the hospitality, entertainment and transportation markets as well as those in smart cities by harnessing artificial intelligence in age, gender, events, weather and other demographics.

“It’s a much deeper level of intelligence,” says Kelly Harlin, analytics platform strategist at NEC Display Solutions of America, Inc., noting the data comes from and is measured using traditional means but also through social media and other less-common channels.

“It’s about using what’s happening in your environment,” she says. “It’s very localized, very targeted.”

With the help of ALP Pro, digital signage kiosks and other NEC displays will “start to suggest content” based on who’s interacting with the displays, stitching it together in a way that appeals to particular people and changes dynamically based on who’s interacting with the technology at that particular time.

“It’s using AI to heavily target for you,” says Harlin. “It provides an operational element.” That includes helping business owners with staffing levels to improve wait times, for examples.

Full Coverage of ALP Pro Here

NEC InfinityBoard

Learn More about NEC InfinityBoard:

There are a whole heck of a lot of reasons why video collaboration is being adopted in all kinds of workplaces by all types of organizations and for any and all team-oriented work tasks. If there is a hindrance to the growth of collaboration, says NEC Display Solutions of America product manager Christopher Feldman, it’s that sometimes collaboration solutions can be difficult to implement and use … and sort of intimidating.

NEC is looking to remove those barriers with its NEC InfinityBoard, which it calls an all-in-one solution for meeting rooms and a powerful, scalable resource for team-focused meeting rooms. The NEC InfinityBoard stands alone or integrates with unified communications and collaboration (UCC) platforms and is neither difficult to use or intimidating, according to Feldman.

The great thing about the design principal behind the InfinityBoard for customers, he says, is that NEC leverages applications and workflows they already use so when it comes time to work with InfinityBoard, “you already know how to use it.”

Many of the customers that will adopt InfinityBoard already have certain UCC applications embedded in their work processes, Feldman acknowledges. The flexibility of the InfinityBoard will allow it to be blended into and become a strong contributor in any ecosystem.

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