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What I, A Millennial, Like About Commercial Integrator’s New Office

CI’s new headquarters is definitely a place that I, a millennial, will enjoy coming to every day. Pro AV integrators should think the same way.

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What I, A Millennial, Like About Commercial Integrator’s New Office

As some Commercial Integrator readers may know, we moved!

Gone are the days of being separated from fellow CI writers Craig MacCormack and Adam Forziati. Now they’re stuck in the same cubicle cove as me so I can pepper them with questions about word synonyms and the industry about which I’m still learning.

I’ve both interviewed and worked in offices that looked like old newspaper offices from past decades. They were dreadful. This office was clearly designed for the modern workforce.

The AV industry has some well-documented problems getting millennials and Gen Zers interested in AV as a career path. Is your office space updated with modern amenities that those generations require?

Here are a few things I noticed about the office on our first full day here that appealed to me, a millennial.

The floor plan and layout

Looking around, I can see the tops of everybody’s head in the main office area. At the old office, I wasn’t sure if Adam or Craig were at work or were working from home because of the old-style office cubicles. I would have to listen for typing or yell until answered.

Office jockeys (and editors) Craig MacCormack & Adam Forziati are getting to know each other better than ever before in their new, more open-concept-like digs.

This will definitely help promote collaboration in the office.

Collaboration software like Microsoft Teams is great, but I’d much rather communicate in person — especially when they’re just as few feet away from me.

There’s even a small “wellness room” close to my desk. It comes with a mini fridge that is currently empty, but I have some frosty beverages in mind that would look good in there.


Due to some corporate thing that was never truly explained to me, there was no coffee service at the old office.

I’ve worked in a few different offices that didn’t offer coffee, so this will save us both time and money with some pretty good coffee options just a few feet away.

This break room/kitchen area is stacked with beverage devices capable of creating coffee, espresso or just your daily cup of tea.

Millennials love coffee — especially good coffee.

It just looks like a place for millennials

Everything here just looks like a place for 20-somethings.

Everything is brightly colored, the walls are adorned with photos of iconic Boston skylines, buildings and New England’s sports teams.

Even the wall of one of our conference rooms was painted with the silhouette of the Boston skyline.

All of the furniture and hardware are brand spankin’ new. If your office hasn’t had a refresh in a few years, consider ways to brighten up the space.

I don’t speak for all millennials. I actually don’t speak for any besides myself, but business leaders should continue to pay attention to what today’s workforce looks for in an office environment.

There’s a good chance your workforce will stagnate if your office does.