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2 Key Insights Into Your Corporate Tech Clients

Integrators in the corporate technology market should remember these two ways they can maximize their value to clients in that space.

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I recently wrote an article for our sister site, My TechDecisions, as part of a series on replacing office technology. That website’s audience of IT department heads, CIOs, building managers, and other decision makers is often tasked with replacing smaller pieces of technology in office settings which eventually run their expected lifespan. Often, they go to you, corporate tech integrators, for help doing so.

That article linked above isn’t the first one I’ve written on the topic — I’ve spoken with many IT folks on similar stories, and I thought I’d share some of that insight with our integrator audience here to better illustrate what IT departments are looking for in their technology partners.

Pushing demos

Depending on the immediacy of the corporate tech need, your clients in this vertical may not always have time for demonstrations. But those who can make time for it will ultimately benefit from booking one.

A demo not only for your direct point of contact, but their stakeholders as well, will ensure everyone at your client’s company is comfortable with the chosen solution.

That takes a lot of pressure off IT and helps facilitate their decision-making process.

Getting “inside baseball” about vendor partners

While some integration pros may be uncomfortable revealing too much about a preferred manufacturer/vendor partner — the fear is seeming like you’re a one-size-fits-all brand loyalist or shill — doing so might actually build trust with your clients.

Being confident in why you’re recommending certain vendors’ products, and providing a long line of success stories and case studies, is likely to earn trust from corporate clients.

Don’t doubt for a moment that they’re also hoping that your close relationship with a manufacturer may also pose pricing, packaging, and post-installation training benefits, too.

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Ultimately, the picture of success for integrators in this space can revolve around the ability to create organizational standards. Any efficiencies gained when a solution is able to be implemented the same way in the same application across your client’s company will save them time and money.

Of course, it also puts you at the top of their list the next time they need a technology solution.