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This Floating Concert Looks Pretty Dangerous…Would You Have Set Up the Audio?

This floating concert strikes us as a textbook example of dangerous audio. What do you think? Would you have set it up like this?

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This Floating Concert Looks Pretty Dangerous…Would You Have Set Up the Audio?

Spending time on the water? Check. Cold beer in hand? Check. Live music nearby? CHECK! What could go wrong?? Well, did I mention this is a floating concert?

“Awesome!” I imagine you, a professional AV integrator, replying. “So what’s this set up like? Are they on some some sort of large boat?”


“How about a large, industrial platform that puts them a safe distance atop the water’s surface?”


Oh… So they’re, like, pretty close to the water….”

….Yeah… and they’re on a raft. Just what appears to be a blown up blue tube with a makeshift stage on top. No real grounding to speak of…

“Please tell me this is just an acoustic sho—“

Nope! They’re plugged in!

Are you horrified yet?

The folks on “AV Install Nightmares,” your new favorite Facebook group, seemed to be when user Jarrett Boyd shared this video he found of a floating concert on Lake Wanapitei, Sudbury, Ontario.

It isn’t clear exactly what kind of power set-up was used for this show… only how excruciatingly close to the water those pieces of electronics are. Sure, this took place on a lake, so the chances of any real waves coming in and wreaking havoc at this family event were small — but looking at the picture above, doesn’t it seem at least a little sketchy?

What’s even more fascinating is the comments section on this FB post…

Jokes aside, I wanted to look into this — to see if there was any actual method to the madness that is this floating concert’s audio. I did come up with a “behind the scenes” type video from the band’s Youtube channel, which I’ve included below.

I very highly doubt this was their idea, and I’m genuinely happy that everyone seemed to have a great time and that they apparently played a great gig.

But maybe next time ya’ll can play that country music on a less risky stage, eh?

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