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How AV Technology Continues to Transform Our Culture

People today have expectations about how AV technology should work—& how quickly it should respond to their individual needs.

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How AV Technology Continues to Transform Our Culture

I’ve said for years the GPS is my favorite invention of all-time, followed closely by music downloads.

It wasn’t that long ago when I was driving to an assignment in my newspaper days while futilely trying to read a map to figure out where I was going and lugging around my favorite CDs of the moment in an all-too-convenient carrying case.

These days, I plug an address into my phone and press shuffle on my iTunes library.

My 10-year-old daughter looks at CDs probably in the same way I looked at my uncle’s 8-track tapes when I was a kid and she wonders how kids her age ever lived without smartphones.

If you’ve ever met David Danto, you know he’s nothing if not an eternal optimist—or maybe not. I’d say he’s more of a pragmatist who looks at the world with a critical eye, always in the hopes of making it better—at least for himself and those with whom he comes in contact.

Recently, he posted a blog on LinkedIn that highlighted some of the changes he’s seen in the tech world and how those changes have made his life better.

They include improvements in the medical field that allow Mick Jagger to strut around the stage well into his 70s and the aforementioned GPS.

I’ve always known David and I were kindred spirits—except when it comes to our favorite baseball teams.

Anyway, Danto had some interesting–and optimistic–thoughts about what he expects to transform in the tech space in the not-too-distant future, thereby triggering another cultural shift.

“We’re very close to a world where we can expect high-speed connectivity wherever we are, where downloading a movie or other huge file will take seconds and not minutes, and where our mobile devices will be as powerful (if not more powerful) than our desktops,” Danto wrote in his LinkedIn blog post.

“We’re also on the cusp of technology providers understanding that providing a ‘black box’ that ‘works’ is no longer going to be the acceptable standard. We’ll all be demanding that these devices be easy to install, easy to work with and a joy to interact with,” he wrote.

When AV Technology Transforms Culture

While Danto is a big believer in customer service going back to the way it used to be—or getting better—in an age where we’re often paying more for less, he fully embraces that his industry needs to continue to look forward or it’s going be left behind

“AV Technology change will continue to drive culture change, and that is often more of a good thing than not,” he wrote. “I know that this continuous, rapid change is not what some people want. All I have to say to that is you can’t always get what you want – but if you try sometimes, well, you might find you get what you need.”

So what technological advancement are you most anticipating in hopes of getting satisfaction? A rolling stone gathers no moss, so we know the AV industry and technology in general will keep moving forward.

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