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Our 5 Favorite Moments from Pro AV Podcast, AV+

We take a tour through some of our favorite moments of AV+, our pro AV podcast, to give those who aren’t subscribed yet a reason to.

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Our 5 Favorite Moments from Pro AV Podcast, AV+

Did you know we have a podcast? Specifically, one which aims to cover as much of the pro AV integration space as possible? It’s called AV+ and it is available on iTunes, and as always, right here on Commercial Integrator. 

We wanted to take a moment to prop it up as we round the corner to 75 episodes. We’re earnestly proud of what we accomplished so far, and we hope to improve the show even more with time.

In no particular order, here are some clips from five of our favorite episodes of our pro AV podcast, AV+. Don’t forget to subscribe on iTunes if you feel so inclined!

Is the term “AV experience designer” a good substitute? A debate

From Ep 8 — The Great AV Experience Debate (full episode here)

CI Editor Craig MacCormack takes on a host of AVTweeps who say his position on the relatively term “AV Experience” — used to describe what “integrators” actually are — is hogwash. The great AV Experience debate features David Danto, Harry Meade, Chris Neto and Michael Shinn — and only one of them agree with Craig. Here’s a clip which focuses on the issue surrounding whether or not Pro AV could use a re-brand.

Better Company Culture: Valuable Advice from a Company That Does it Right

From Ep 13 — Whitlock’s Work on Company Culture ‘Is Never Done,’ and That’s Why They’re Still Growing (full episode here)

Whitlock’s AV business practices emphasize team selection and training. Unlike other “mega integrators” of similar size, this AV integration company focuses on global project expansion rather than mergers and acquisitions. We interviewed Whitlock executive vice president John Steinhauer, who explained the company’s global focus, sales team flexibility and how they grow relationships with existing customers instead of focusing merely on expanding the customer list.

What You Call Yourself & What Your Customers Search for Don’t Line Up: A Discovery

From Ep 23 — Your Customers Don’t Call You That! (full episode here)

Why do you call it “digital signage”? It’s probably the worst thing you could call it from an AV marketing perspective. And “sound masking”? Do you really think customers know to search for that? On this episode of our pro AV podcast, we ran through a list of the most popular search terms end users type into Google to find AV integrators – and one thing is certain: they aren’t what integrators call themselves.

Some of the best AV business advice you’ll hear

From Ep 48 — Hear Pros Share Their AV Business Advice (full episode here)

We talked with some of the industry’s most well-respected figures on the floor of the Business and Leadership Conference, including David Smith of Lencore; Bruce Kaufmann of Human Circuit; Chuck Wilson of NSCA and more to get valuable AV business advice.

Saying Goodbye to Tom

From Ep 67 — Goodbye and Good Luck, Tom LeBlanc! (full episode here)

They say all good things must come to an end. Unfortunately for us at Commercial Integrator, this includes former editorial director Tom LeBlanc’s tenure here. We say goodbye to our longtime colleague, Tom LeBlanc, as he shares with us some of his favorite moments working in the Pro AV Industry. We loved this pro AV podcast episode because, as much as it is a parting of ways with our former colleague, it’s also about taking a look back on the major stories in Pro AV that we’ve covered over the years — like an audio time machine.

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