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NSCA BLC 2019 Opening Keynote: How Are You Keeping Up with the Changing Business Landscape?

Ryan Estis will share his secrets of helping business leaders execute and evolve in an environment that’s changing faster than ever — all at BLC 2019.

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Anyone who runs a business or is charged with selling goods and services today knows that things are different than they used to be, and in many ways different than they were five or 10 years ago. Attendees at the NSCA BLC 2019 conference likely know this better than most.

In many cases, customers can get what they want without ever talking to or dealing with a person and install or build it themselves without the need for an expert to help them hang it on the wall or tie it into their conference room AV.

Ryan Estis, chief experience officer at Ryan Estis & Associates, will take a closer look at “Next-Level Leadership: Managing Breakthrough Performance in the New Economy” in his opening keynote at the 2019 NSCA Business & Leadership Conference in Tampa, Fla., and help attendees with “Creating a High-Performance Culture” during a breakout session.

“The environment is changing so fast,” says Estis. “Customer expectations are changing, as are the expectations in the workplace.”

Four Insights: Ryan Estis’ Presentation at BLC 2019

Estis will offer four insights to help business leaders deal with those changing expectations and three drivers of employee engagement.

He’ll define what he calls “future-makers” and outline how purpose, culture and time affect the business environment while helping BLC attendees develop an action plan made up of three or four items they can bring back to their offices to enact once the conference is over.

By the way, if you’re still fighting against the idea of Millennials in the workplace, we’ve got bad news for you: not only are Millennials active members of the workforce today, they’re well on their way to taking it over.

“We’re preparing for the next generation,” says Ryan Estis. “Millennials are managers now. Their ideas are fully baked in and integrated into how we work. The question we have to ask ourselves is how we navigate that change.

“People are overwhelmed today from sitting in on meetings, then having to respond to all their emails before getting to their actual work that they have to do. That doesn’t create any space for innovation,” he says.

That’s causing some obvious problems among AV integrators and manufacturers, says NSCA executive director Chuck Wilson, who notes “conventional leadership techniques have been deemed archaic.”

What to Expect from the BLC 2019 Session

Those who attend Estis’ breakout session will hear 11 laws of leading a high-performance culture. That includes elevating engagement and driving performance.

“The pace of change is accelerating,” says Estis. “It’s not inate to do things this way. Command and control are no longer effective. You need a collaborative and visionary approach.” Estis notes that about 60 percent of today’s workers call themselves under-engaged and about half of them trust management.

“We’re in a little bit of a leadership crisis,” says Ryan Estis. “That can inhibit performance. You have to be able to execute and evolve at the same time.”

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