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Could ‘TV Man’ Be an Integrator at the End of Their Wits?

Mysterious TV Man is dropping old TVs on porches. Is this some college prankster, or an integrator who doesn’t want to pay to dispose of old screens?

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TV disposal is a huge hassle for integrators. Old TVs are often forgotten about until the new ones are nearly delivered, which leaves hotel management and integrators alike scrambling to figure out what to do with all that outdated hardware. So is TV man — a masked crusader dumping old TVs on Henrico County, Va. doorsteps — really just a frustrated integrator hoping to unload a business expense?

… Well, no, probably not, but there are a few aspects of this case which make us wonder.

Firstly, one of those homeowners who had a unit dropped off on his porch described TV man as “committed to his trade.” Hmmmmmmm. A/V is a trade.

Plus, disposing of a client’s old screens can be expensive! At $30 to $50 per unit, the recycling route is often out of the question. But liquidation is tough, too, because it takes time, the effort to figure out how much each unit is worth, plus the space in your warehouse while you wait to sell them off (here are some tips on overcoming that, by the way).

But I think this mystery solves itself: it is very unlikely that TV man is an integrator because, as one “victim” (“recipient?”) put it: “they had way too much time on t heir hands.” I doubt any busy installer is going to prolong their day just to make things easier on their business.

No, it is much more likely that this is just some bored college student taking advantage of the final few days before starting a semester. I can’t say I hope to see them caught, either, because this is a somewhat victim-less prank.

Officers in the county say the only crime committed was “illegal dumping.”

Would leaving your business card next to the TVs count as illegal dumping, too?

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