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Why NSCA BLC: You’ll Make Invaluable Industry Connections

Matt Slack, president of AV Solutions, explains why he’s attending NSCA’s Business & Leadership Conference on Feb. 26-28.

CI Staff

It’s difficult to imagine an integration industry event in which more market and company decision makers are in one room at that same time, as when it happens repeatedly during NSCA’s Business & Leadership Conference.

The 17th annual event, which takes place February 26-28 in Tampa, Fla., is expected to be the largest BLC with 300-plus attendees.

Here, we shed some light on some of the faces in a crowd full of thought-leaders, and why each one is attending this event.

Matt Slack, president and sales at AV Solutions

Baton Rouge, La.

Why is it worth your time to attend BLC?

People who know how to overcome AV business challenges I face are accessible to me at BLC. I can meet them, learn from their mistakes and create a better business and life from the application-specific knowledge of others.

When you get back to your office after BLC, what will determine if it was a successful event for you and your company?

The number of times BLC-generated connections significantly influence solving my top three to five business objectives for the year. A single strong influence would be enough; in 2014 there were seven as well as a number of other influences on lower-priority needs.

What’s a topic that you’d like to see the industry focus on more?

Financials such as the profit-mastery program, marketing, and additional Mafia-offer related workshops.

Business sustainability — a concern I hear about in our industry — is about profitability, not product, so mastering financial fundamentals is key and not a common expertise in the AV industry.

To achieve profitability, customers must know who and why to call, strategies both well-understood by the business world and addressed by marketing, and a successful catalytic-mechanism / Mafia-offer, respectively.

What’s one “fun fact” about you person-ally that could lead to some interesting conversations over cocktails at BLC?

I build ziplines in my backyard or anywhere (for the kids, wink wink), have been to Warren Buffet’s shareholder meeting, met George Bush, and routinely find that the answers I seek in life are but one question away from someone I already know.

Are you on Twitter?

Yes, @mattcslack.

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