Add Flexibility to your Business Model

Herman Integration Services can provide Resources to Help Expand your Business

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Scaling your business is a necessary evil in the AV industry.  Building a partnership with the right AV service provider is critical to keeping your business flexible and scalable.

As you shop for a provider, find one that can offer you turnkey solutions, allowing you to accept more projects.

Consider these services:

  • Engineering
  • CAD
  • Labor resources
  • Programming
  • Project management
  • Maintenance agreements

The beauty of a solid relationship with an AV subcontractor is that they can provide you resources quickly to not only help with short term projects, but also to provide resources for your larger projects.

To foster this solid relationship, it comes down to strong communication, division of responsibility, and knowing the real capabilities of the subcontractors you hire. With the proper planning and right partner, more work can be completed and more customers will be won by quickly meeting their needs.

Herman offers turnkey solutions to our clients to give them a national footprint and to help them meet deadlines when you need additional resources. Contact us today!

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