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AVTweeps, We’ve Got a Tough (But Necessary) Question for You

We’ll be straight with you: this year sucked in so many ways. But we hope you’ll share something you are thankful for so we can create a more positive headline.

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AVTweeps, We’ve Got a Tough (But Necessary) Question for You

For the last few years, I’ve published a feel-good story about what AVTweeps are thankful for surrounding the U.S.’s Thanksgiving holiday (though this story has always been open to input from those around the world). Last year’s responses were particularly memorable for their earnestness. But I’ve faced a new quandary surrounding this story in 2020.

Is it even appropriate to publish a new version this year?

Putting the obvious pandemic woes — such as job loss and a reduction of business income — aside for a moment: people around the country and around the globe have dealt with more stress this year than in recent memory.

Wildfires, political and socioeconomic tension, the continuing onslaught of hurricanes… there was seemingly no shortage of events which made life difficult in 2020 on top of a serious pandemic.

Usually, I really enjoy assembling this story simply because it is an opportunity to take whatever negativity I (and the AVTweeps who respond to it) may have felt throughout the year and transform it into a message of hopefulness and gratitude.

Frankly, I know many of you had an absolutely terrible year. I would not blame you for feeling a little down on a story that aims to make the best of what is left in 2020.

On the other hand, there are many people for whom a message of optimism is sorely, sorely needed, especially as the holidays approach.

If you email me ( explaining something either work-related or more general that you are thankful for, you’ll be helping the #AVTweeps community put their own lives in a better, more hopeful context. 

Again: I understand if reflecting on what you are grateful for right now seems wrong or inappropriate. But I hope the resulting story — which I hope to publish in mid-November, ahead of the holiday — will be a welcome change from our typical headlines which focus on the increasingly-difficult but incredible business of systems integration.

If you can spare a moment, I hope you’ll share with us. Be well!

Email me at with something you’re thankful for this year.