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What The Pro AV Industry is Thankful For in 2019 (It’s Pretty Touching, Actually)

Integrators, manufacturers & more share what they’re most grateful for this holiday season, both personally & in their pro AV industry professions.

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What The Pro AV Industry is Thankful For in 2019 (It’s Pretty Touching, Actually)
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For the past couple of years surrounding Thanksgiving, we’ve asked the pro AV industry community what they’re thankful for, in terms of their personal lives or their careers. But after putting this story together a few times, we’ve noticed something about the responses that we think is rather heartwarming.

It may sound like an obvious response, but most of the submitters go to great lengths in their responses to touch on how grateful they are for the people theys work with.

Importantly, they don’t just say these things as afterthoughts. There’s no “oh, yeah, and the people I work with — they’re great!”

No, many of the participants go deeper, sometimes sharing personal anecdotes about times when their coworkers have been particularly wholesome and helpful.

This strikes us as a particularly powerful notion. That so many respondents would earnestly express gratitude for the pro AV industry coworkers is indicative of a career space where it’s not just the technology that’s placed on high: it’s the people making it work.

In an industry where it is so hard to find and hold on to top talent, having tight-knit teams who recognize and appreciate each other is important for — some would even say critical to — success.

On a personal note, I’m thankful for many things: simply having a job (something not always easy to find in either the journalism or pro AV industries); my friends and family; and of course I’m grateful for the festive food that I’ll partake in on the big day.

Check out what #AVTweeps folks are thankful for this year here.

However your year is going, be sure to take a moment when you’re sitting around the table this holiday to reflect on what is most important to you — personally, professionally, or otherwise. It’s reassuring, yes, but also humbling. And what goes better with turkey than humble pie?

Happy Thanksgiving!

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