AV Industry Talent Recruiting Challenges: Summed Up in 3 Minutes

The AV industry has long struggled with talent recruiting challenges stemming from perceptual issues including that young professionals have no idea careers in AV exist. Watch this video to understand what you’re up against.

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Short video runs down the AV integration industry's unique talent recruitment challenges.

To overcome talent recruiting challenges the AV industry needs to first understand how it got in this unenviable position – the average AV integration firm is struggling to hire seven positions — in the first place.

During a recent CI webcast, How to Avoid Common Recruiting and Hiring Mistakes, with recruiting firm Mason Group and integration firms Diversified and Securitas Electronic Security, I attempted to frame the industry-wide talent recruitment challenge. Watch the video above.

AV Industry Talent Recruitment Factors:

It’s a Major Priority for AV Firms

In my role as editor of a trade publication, I’m constantly interviewing folks who run integration firms.

I like to ask them what they view as their biggest business challenges. Almost invariably, when I talk to firms that are looking to grow, they tell me their No. 1 challenge is finding and hiring the right people.

Evidence that many firms are looking to recruit and hire can also be found in that survey. Among surveyed integrators, the average number of positions that their integration firms are currently looking to fill is 7. That seems like a lot! The most difficult roles to fill seem to be tech-oriented.

There’s an Awareness Gap

For folks who run integration firms – whether AV or security – there are talent recruiting challenges right out of the gate. A lot of young prospects with the right kind of training and background simply aren’t considering careers in AV because they don’t know about careers in AV.

They’re happy looking elsewhere, many pursue more IT-centric careers. If they knew about the great career opportunities in both AV and integration and the opportunities to put their education and enthusiasm toward solving the kinds of problems that integrators solve for their customers every day – they’d change their thinking.

AV Has a Demographics Problem

Commercial Integrator recently did its State of the Industry Report, which includes a survey of 188 AV integration industry professionals. We took the opportunity to take a demographic snapshot of the AV industry.

We noted that it’s overwhelmingly male; only 12 percent of respondents are female. The most common age range is 55-64 and a strong majority are over 50. So it’s mostly older guys.

Let’s be honest – these demographics don’t provide industry recruiters with a lot of ammunition when talking to young prospects.

The integration industry is looking to hire but it’s having a hard time doing so. There are some things that for recruiters are out of their immediate control – for instance, you can’t change the AV industry demographics.

But integration firms need to look at the factors that ARE within their control and make sure they’re doing everything they can to bring in the best candidates.

We tackled these factors in How to Avoid Common Recruiting and Hiring Mistakes and talent recruiting challenges. View the archived webinar here.

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