Dan Newman to Present ‘New Rules of Customer Engagement’ at NSCA Event

The author and CI columnist outlines the integration sales evolution explored in his latest book during NSCA’s Integration Business Survival Conference.

CI Staff

“Imagine a world where you never had to break a sweat to sell anything.”

And so begins CI columnist Daniel L. Newman’s e-book on the modern sales process, The New Rules of Customer Engagement: 6 Trends Reinventing the Way We Sell.

No, it’s not a fantasy genre book, as attendees at NSCA’s new Integration Business Survival Conference will learn. Newman is slated to present his analysis of how integration firms need to rethink and revisit their sales processes during the closing session of the two-day conference.

The first NSCA IBSC event takes place May 15-16 in Chicago with additional two-day events planned in September and November in Atlanta and Phoenix, respectively.

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The CI columnist doesn’t contend that sales is easy. He outlines thought-provoking takes on six trends that have rendered most old-school sales methods less effective and describes how company leaders can enact changes to position their sales teams for new-era success. In doing so, he explains how the sales process has been redefined and how to react to the sea change.

Trend 1: How Informed Consumers are Changing Everything
Trend 2:  Why Your Response Time Must be Faster: The Impact of Immediacy on Customer Experience
Trend 3: Getting Creative: Your Business Value Lies In Your Creativity
Trend 4: The Role of The Human Network; Your Human Network
Trend 5: Don’t Sell Me. Show Me! Selling More by Driving Outcomes and Advocacy within Your Client Organizations
Trend 6:  Customer Experience Trumps Everything Else You Do: Why Mediocre is the New Bad and Extraordinary Must be the Ordinary

Newman’s book, The New Rules of Customer Engagement: 6 Trends Reinventing the Way We Sell, is available free in PDF form here on Commercial Integrator, and you can also get a Kindle-friendly version on Amazon.

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