Diversified Launches Business Consulting Group

Diversified Business Consulting Group team of industry experts and IT professionals guide clients through the application of today’s technology.

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Diversified Launches Business Consulting Group

Diversified continues its worldwide expansion with an office in the Middle East.

A unique business consulting offering that came out of Diversified’s work with its media and entertainment clients could set up CI’s 2016 Integrator of the Year and its customers for long-term success.

Diversified’s new Business Consulting Group is aimed at helping “clients who needed a partner who could look beyond basic technology,” says chairman and CEO Fred D’Alessandro.

“We engage with customers a year or two before anything gest built and talk to them about the transformation of technology and making their companies more efficient,” he says. “Diversified becomes a partner embedded in these companies.”

Although the Business Consulting Group was launched to meet the needs of Diversified’s media and entertainment customers, D’Alessandro expects the ever-growing group of 30 to 40 staffers to work with customers in myriad verticals, including medical, finance, retail and many more.

“There’s a much broader opportunity for us and for our customers,” says D’Alessandro.

D’Alessandro calls Diversified’s Business Consulting Group “the very front end of the managed service piece,” although in this case, the service comes before the technology installation rather than after the integration is over.

“That doesn’t mean we leave [the customer and the project] and let somebody else make sure it works,” says D’Alessandro.

Paul Catterson serves as VP of the Business Consulting Group, leading a group of industry experts, business analysts and IT specialists who “partner with clients to discover and define new approaches to their tactical and strategic challenges,” according to the company press release.

After clarifying the client’s business goals, Business Consulting Group advisers “analyze the operation to uncover the best methods to achieve them,” according to the announcement.

“It really changes how we approach our clients and what we can do for them,” says Catterson. “We’re talking more to CEO and the CFO about the entire business, not just about the technology. The goal is to make sure we’re working with customers at a different level.

“It really makes sense for us to work with our customers at an additional level. It helps us to assimilate faster with them and get their solutions put together more effectively. We have customers who’ve had needs that weren’t getting met and our primary goal is serving those needs,” says Catterson.

The Business Consulting Group continues to grow and has impressive potential for this year and going forward, says D’Alessandro.

“We’re investing a lot of talent in this division,” he says. “There’s a tremendous call for it. I’d almost be guessing what it could be. This investment’s being made because of the demand.”

The core team includes about a dozen consultants, says Catterson, but Diversified is “blending in” others from various parts of the company to build it to about 30 or 40 people for now. There will be a mix of existing Diversified employees and others from outside the industry.

“Things like IoT, virtualization, etc., we have plenty of expertise in-house in those areas,” says D’Alessandro. “In things like finance, real estate and those other markets, we’ll be looking more outside to fill those positions. It’s a different talent pool for us and a global opportunity. That’s the exciting part.”