How Making Connections, ‘Being Nice’ Will Make You a Better Business Leader

Mark Scharenbroich will present a session at this year’s Business & Leadership Conference that will focus on how to become a better business leader through improved communication and better connections with employees and customers.

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A quick look at keynote speaker Mark Scharenbroich's Nice Bike presentation. He will use the "Nice Bike" metaphor at the BLC to explain just how far “being nice” can take your business.

If you’re headed to NSCA’s Business Leadership Conference next week, make sure you stick around through Saturday, Mark Scharenbroich is going to make you laugh AND help you operate your business better through meaningful connections.

Scharenbroich’s session “Making Connections That Move People” will focus on how business leaders can make connections with both their own employees and their customers to enhance the way their businesses operate and perform.

Using the metaphor “Nice Bike”, Scharenbroich will share just how far “being nice” can take your business.

“I aim to hit on the personal, leadership end of how [people] run their businesses and how they connect with their team, their employees and their customers,” said Scharenbroich.

Scharenbroich uses humor and storytelling to bring together the idea of connecting with others and the impact those connections can have on the success of a business and professional’s career.

Scharenbroich says “being nice” and making an effort to connect with others can bring the following to your business:

  • Improve employee engagement
  • Help people embrace change
  • Enhance team collaboration
  • Fuel the passion to serve others
  • Create meaningful connections

    Mark Scharenbroich

“The reason people leave their job is they either get into it and they don’t really like the work, or it’s because they don’t like the culture or their boss. They don’t feel they are appreciated,” says Scharenbroich. High turnover within companies, Scharenbroich says, isn’t necessarily due to the way an industry operates, but rather the culture that supports the people in that industry.

Scharenbroich aims to provide attendees with a fun and engaging session, but also share impactful tools and information that business leaders can apply within their own operations.

“Every conference should offer a wide range of experiences, expertise and information. On the final day, we want to bring it back to the leadership that [the BLC] provides and create an experience in that session that’s both fun but also incredibly engaging for the audiences to use better ideas to connect with their team,” says Scharenbroich.

“Making Connections That Move People” will take place March 4 from 9:15 AM through 10:30 AM at the Business Leadership Conference in Chandler, Ariz.

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