Luxul Self-Healing Network Switches Make Remote Service Easier

New Luxul self-healing network switches provide auto-recovery and power scheduling for PoE-connected devices.

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Luxul Self-Healing Network Switches Make Remote Service Easier

Luxul's Self-Healing functionality

As most AV integration firms focus on migrating away from relying on product- and project-based margin toward more service revenue, the new Luxul self-healing network switches aim to make it easier and less costly to provide remote service to customers.

The obvious benefit of the new Luxul self-healing network switches, which provide auto-recovery and power scheduling for PoE-connected devices, is the potential to reduce the need to roll trucks and send valuable technicians for service calls.

Luxul, a provider of IP networking solutions for AV integrators, says the Self-Healing capability for select managed network switches is available via a free upgrade to firmware version 4.1.1 or greater.

It adds that the new functionality empowers integrators with two advanced features: Auto-Recovery and Power Scheduling.

More on Luxul Self-Healing Network Switches (from press release):

Luxul’s Self-Healing capability is currently available on the company’s 12-port/8 PoE+ AMS-1208P, 26-port/24 PoE+ stackable L2/L3 AMS-4424P, 26-port/24 PoE+ AMS-2624P, 26-port/24 PoE+ XMS-2624P, 52-port PoE+ L2/L3 XMS-5248P, and 52-port stackable L2/L3 XMS-7048.

With Auto-Recovery, devices connected to these switches by PoE no longer need to be manually rebooted when they fall offline or become unresponsive; the configuration in the switch triggers PoE-connected devices to reboot automatically.

And with Power Scheduling, integrators can now trigger theswitches to power PoE-connected devices on or off based on any schedule they create within the switch.

“With Self-Healing, we’re amping up the performance of Luxul switches to an entirely new level,” says Mike Grubb, vice president of marketing at Luxul.

“Imagine never getting another call about security cameras or other PoE-connected devices freezing up; your clients’ switches will take care of them automatically. Furthermore, it’s effortless to schedule devices to power down overnight, over the weekend, or whenever your clients request it. All it takes to realize these benefits is a free firmware update.”

Self-Healing will also be a standard feature on a number of soon-to-be available Luxul switches, including the 18-port/16 PoE+ L2/L3 AMS-1816P and 12-port/8 PoE+ XMS-1208P shipping soon, according to Luxul.

For more information on Luxul’s Self-Healing functionality, visit here.

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