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Media Vision Adds to Interactivity at NSCA’s 17th Annual BLC

Media Vision’s audience response solutions will be deployed throughout NSCA’s Business & Leadership Conference, says CEO Fardad Zabetian.

CI Staff

If you’ve ever attended an NSCA Business & Leadership Conference (BLC), you know it’s all about interactivity and networking with industry peers.

Media Vision, which is a BLC sponsor for the second straight year, is adding even more interactivity to the event by deploying instant audience response products throughout the full capacity crowd of 300 expected for the 17th annual event in Tampa, Fla., February 26-28.

Audience members can respond to questions posed on stage via devices right in front of them for real-time analysis of results.

And yes, NSCA has some tricks up its sleeve for leveraging the tools that Media Vision is providing.

CEO Fardad Zabetian talks about Media Vision’s game plan for NSCA’s 17th Annual BLC:

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